Monkman, Seagull, Loveday: mention any of these names to University Challenge fans and they will instantly know who you mean.

Despite the fact that the series has been on air since the ’60s, in recent years – potentially a result of ‘viral’ culture and the rise of reality stars – University Challenge contestants have become screen stars. Bobby Seagull and Eric Monkman even went on to have two series commissioned by the BBC!

So when the annual Uni Challenge series rolls around, there tends to be a handful of students who become somewhat minor celebs of the quizzing world. Claire Jones is one of those who looks set for stardom thanks to her brilliant quizzing abilities.

We first met Claire back on Monday, October 14th 2019, in her first appearance for Wolfson College, Oxford. Find out more about Claire here.

Screenshot: University Challenge 2019/2020 E30 – iPlayer

Who is Claire Jones?

When University Challenge was filming, Claire was studying for a Masters in Global and Imperial History.

Claire is originally from Houston, Texas.

Before attending Oxford University for her Masters, Claire was at Princeton University. There, Claire was a History major with certificates in Portuguese and European cultural studies. She also was very into her extra-curricular activities, participating in the glee club, chapel choir and working as the editor-in-chief of the Princeton Historical Review.

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Claire Jones on University Challenge

Claire Jones is the captain of the Wolfson College team and lead them to victory in the first round, beating University of Sheffield narrowly. Their second round against the University of Edinburgh was much easier for the Wolfson team.

Also making up the Wolfson team is Mary Caple, Ryan Walker and Mike Perrin.


When it came to episode 30 (Monday, March 2nd), the Wolfson team just about beat out Manchester when it came to a ‘sudden death’ round. Both teams ended up with a score of 130 and one failed buzzer from the Manchester cost them their win.

Claire got 5 starter questions in the episode.

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Will Jones make the final?

So far, Claire has proven one of the strongest contestants on University Challenge but has been keeping the majority of her team afloat.

Fans are waiting for Claire Jones to make the final, but unless the team steps up, there is tough competition out there who could put a stop to these plans.

But, as the Twitter user below suggests, a Wang vs Jones final would be a pretty amazing watch… come on, Jones!




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