David Lammy, the new Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs, was once on Mastermind.

The BBC game show sees four contestants faced with a quick-fire round of questions, usually with a specialised subject of their choice.

We rediscovered MP David Lammy’s appearance on the show – described as “comedy gold” on Twitter – which took place in 2009.

The moment he sat in the interrogation chair on Mastermind resurfaced on the Internet, just a day after his new Labour Party role was announced.

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Watch David Lammy on Mastermind

David appeared to get confused about who Henry VIII’s son was, while being quizzed on Mastermind several years ago.

He was asked: “Who acceded to the English throne . . . after the death of his father Henry VIII in 1547?”, to which David replied: “Henry VII”.

The correct answer is actually Edward VI, which then-host John Humphrys revealed after David got the question wrong.

Another question posed to David was: “Q: What blue cheese traditionally goes with stilton?”, to which he answered: “A: Red Leicester.”

However, he got several right, too, despite giving some passes.

This included: “Which organisation was founded in 1909 as the home section of the Secret Service bureau to counteract the threat of German spies?”, which David answered correctly as MI5.

Fans react to David’s “comedy gold”

Looking through Twitter, it is clear to see that David’s Mastermind stint has gone down well in the comedy books, many years on.

He has even been described as a “comedy gift” among fans.

One user wrote: “I had to do a double-take on @DavidLammy’s answer for blue English cheese: “Leicester”!”

Another said: “Best wrong answer: Henry VII.”

“Hilarious, Marie Antoinette was my favourite answer. I remember him on this he went for Bob Marley as his specialised subject, and knew f*** all about him as well”, a Twitter user responded.

Mastermind: Where did he place?

David scored nine, and failed to win Mastermind against opponents. Some claim his score is one of the worst in the show’s history, but three is lowest.

Following the Labour reshuffle, it looks like the majority appear to recognise him for his debut on the game show.

His performance was shocking for many, as he has a Masters in law from Harvard, which he achieved in 1997.



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