Villa Troglodyte: Inside Monaco's insane cave house worth £23 million!

BBC’s three-part series Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich came to its conclusion on Monday, June 22nd.

The series, which has explored how the tiny French microstate has grown into haven for the super rich, also looks into the Riviera royalty who take up residence there. House of Grimaldi features with Prince Albert II and his wife Princess Charlene. Plus, the series also sees former Formula One driver David Coulthard and film producer Monika Bacardi in the cast.

The third episode had a particular focus on Monaco’s real estate and looked at Villa Troglodyte, the £23,000,000 property built carved out of rock.

Find out everything you need to know about the stunning Monegasque villa.

Screenshot: Inside Monaco S1 E2 – iPlayer

Where is Villa Troglodyte?

Villa Troglodyte is in Les Révoires, which is part of the traditional Quartier of La Condamine. The area is known for its stunning sea vistas, as the ward also features the highest point in Monaco, the Chemin des Révoires.

This was a problem for Villa Troglodyte, as the villa – despite its steep asking price – does not have views of the sea.


You can find the property at 23 Avenue Hector Otto, 98000 Monaco.

Inside Villa Troglodyte

Villa Troglodyte was designed by Paris-based architect Jean-Pierre Lott. Lott created Villa Troglodyte an an environmental project; the residential property is carved out of the natural bedrock of Monaco and is energy efficient. The existing rock is used for the ground floor and then replica material is used for the upper levels.

The cave-villa spans 5 floors and covers 520 square metres.

Jean-Pierre Lott said of Villa Troglodyte:

Because of global warming it was important to try and use natural materials, to work with the earth’s energy, and the sun’s energy. We used geothermal energy, we used solar panels, we’ve tried to consume as little as possible so this house is an environmental lab that uses a little of all the technologies available to make energy savings.

Troglodyte translates to “someone who lives in a cave” in French.

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Has Villa Troglodyte sold?


Given the property’s high selling price, it has yet to be snapped up. In 2019, it was reported that the property was selling for £36million which then dropped to £23million when it was featured on the BBC series. It is unknown how much the property is selling for now.

Villa Troglodyte is still listed on Pastor Immobilier, which leads us to think it has yet to be sold. You can request a visit on their website.




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