Who are Walid Saad and Joujou Saad? Meet The Repair Shop's restoration experts!

Walid and Joujou Saad have become known for their ability to restore typewriters, particularly when appearing on The Repair Shop.

On Wednesday December 9th, an episode aired which saw the couple tasked with restoring a typewriter.

They are amongst expert blacksmiths, horologists, carpenters, upholsterers, and restorers who help clients make old items brand-new again.

So who are Walid and Joujou Saad? Let’s get to know them a little better…

Screenshot: Walid and Joujou Saad, The Repair Shop, 60-Minute Versions: Episode 32, BBC

Who are Walid and Joujou Saad?

They are a married couple who run a typewriter restoration business.

Walid and Joujou, who have two children, run UK-based Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters – they self-taught themselves how to do restorations!

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It all started when their first typewriter was cleaned and serviced on their kitchen top using a screw driver borrowed from a friend.

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Walid and Joujou on The Repair Shop

They both starred on the BBC restoration series as guest experts in 2018.

Walid and Joujou were tasked with restoring pre-war The Corona 3 typewriter for Clare Dales, to enable her to write a book.

The episode aired again on December 10th, and will be airing for another time on BBC One on Friday December 18th at 8pm.

They also filmed part of an episode of BBC One’s Money for Nothing with master upholster and TV presenter Jay Blades, in July 2018.

The Repair Shop star collaborated with them to save an Underwood 3 Bank Typewriter from being skipped.

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Do the Saads have Instagram?

  • Yes

Walid and Joujou Saad regularly post their career achievements online.

As they restore and sell typewriters worldwide for between £150 and £3,600, depending on condition, its clear that they’ve been kept busy!

They call themselves a “restless couple” who are destined “to restore and repair typewriters”.

Their time on The Repair Shop was described as “one of the proudest moments” of their career in an Instagram post.



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