We found Eating With My Ex star Niall on Instagram - is he still with Chloe?

Eating With My Ex launches on Freeview TV on Tuesday night (March 5th).

However, the complete series is available to watch online via the BBC iPlayer, should you want to get your binge on rather than staying up until 10:35 pm on a school night.

Star – and we say this loosely – on Eating With My Ex episode 1 is part-time model Niall. After hours and hours of stalking, we found him on Instagram – here’s everything you need to know!

Eating with My Ex – TX: Chloe and Niall at Turtle Bay, London – Photographer: Arron Bowen

Who is Niall?

Niall goes by the full name of Niall O’Shaughnessy.

He’s a 21-year-old part-time model from Leicester working with Blake Models UK, TM Talent Management UK and Fusion MNG and is also a qualified plumber.

Niall-dog featured on Eating With My Ex with ex-girlfriend Chloe, as they talked over the awkward details of Chloe cheating with one of Niall’s mates.


Nevertheless, the episode finished with Niall confessing that he was absolutely buzzing that he signed up to the show, with both of them admitting that they still loved each other and were keen to give their relationship another go.

Eating With My Ex: Niall and Chloe

Niall and Chloe were childhood sweethearts, but then things went sour when they were on a break. (via BBC Three)

Posted by BBC The Social on Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Are Chloe and Niall Still Together?


Niall confirmed to Reality Titbit that they are no longer together.

You can follow Niall on Instagram under @niall_97 where he has just shy of 2,000 followers.

Don’t expect to see any recent pictures him and Chloe, though.

Eating with My Ex – TX: Chloe and Niall at Turtle Bay, London – Photographer: Arron Bowen

We’re not entirely sure why the couple didn’t fall into each other’s arms following their Eating With My Ex date, but things simply didn’t work out.

But at least you can throwback to 2017 when the duo were madly in love. How cute is this…




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