We’re close to the end of the quarter-finals of University Challenge 2019/20 and it’s becoming even more difficult to call who will take home the trophy in the coming weeks.

Last night saw a Cambridge Derby with Corpus Christi college coming up against Trinity. So far, we have watched both colleges smash their competition, however it was Corpus who sailed through to the semi-finals with a score of 245 points against Trinity’s 80.

One of the most talked about competitors on the Corpus Christi team was their captain, Ian Wang.

So, we did some digging to find out more about the winning team’s captain. Check out what we learned here!

Screenshot: University Challenge 2019/20 E29 – iPlayer

Who is Wang from University Challenge?

Ian Wang is a 21-year-old student competing for Corpus Christi college, Cambridge on University Challenge this year. Ian graduated from Cambridge in July 2019 after three years of study.

He is originally from Greater Manchester, however has now made the move to London.

While at the University of Cambridge, Ian studied English Literature. Now, according to Ian’s Twitter bio, he is “vaguely trying to be a culture writer.”

You can follow Ian on Twitter for updates on his writing and more @iantwang.

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Wang – the secret musician

Not only was Ian Wang a student at one of the top universities in the world, with a stellar track record and insane level of general knowledge, but he also is a musician.

We found that Ian has had his start writing articles for the likes of Dazed about music. You can read his article about Asian rap for Dazed here.

He also sings and plays the guitar!

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Follow Ian on social media

Not only did we find Ian on Twitter, we also found him on Instagram.

Here, Ian posts pictures about his time at university, his budding music career and his love for arts and culture. Ian has shown he’s also turned his hand to baking too!

You can check him out on Instagram @iantwang.