Great British Menu airs its series finale tonight (May 21st) but what does the winner of the programme get?

The BBC cooking competition has been airing for a few months and Friday, May 21st is the time when it will crown this year’s most skilled chefs for their respective dishes.

The goal for the contestants is to produce a menu served at a prestigious banquet for special events and guests, and this year’s series has been competitive as usual.

But what does the winner of Great British Menu get?

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Great British Menu airs it series finale

The BBC programme reveals the winners of season 16 on tonight’s episode (Friday, May 21st).

Similar to other series, there will be separate winners depending on their menu, whether that’s a starter, fish, main course or dessert.

All chefs will have to create a menu for a special banquet taking place at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, which will be attended by a star-studded guest list.

The finalists are Stuart Collins, Roberta Hall-McCaron, Oli Marlow, Hywel Griffith, Phelim O’Hagan, Dan McGeorge, Jude Kereama and Alex Bond.

What does the Great British Menu winner get?

The prize for the Great British Menu winner is for their menu to be presented at the banquet.

There is no cash prize for the winning contestant as the prize here is to create a menu for some of the biggest names in the culinary world in Britain.

Speaking to The Staff Canteen, a previous contestant explained: “It is like having the best PR possible, yes you have to put a lot of work in but the rewards are brilliant.”

“I think with something like GBM you have to see the big picture, I have spent a lot of time practising and filming, which takes you away from the restaurant but the increase in business has meant I am now able to employ more staff and buy better equipment,” they went on to say.

Meanwhile, would you like to know who received the highest score on Great British Menu? Check out the link down below.

Are contestants paid?

The Sun has reported that Great British Menu contestants don’t receive budget for taking part on the series.

The restaurants they represent need to allocate a budget for their appearances.

Moreover, Great British Menu provides a good exposure for the chefs and restaurants they are represented by.



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