What happened next on Win the Wilderness: Alaska? Catch up with Mark and Emily now!

When the first-ever series of Win the Wilderness: Alaska kicked off on BBC Two on Sunday, January 26th, it quickly gained a tonne of fans. Now, the series is on Netflix and has captured the attention of the world.

Unlike other competition series, this one sees six couples compete for a different kind of prize. Rather than a crazy amount of cash, a record deal, or a guaranteed ticket to stardom, the winners of this series inherits a gorgeous property in the Alaskan wilderness. And finally, after six weeks of gruelling competition, the winning couple were crowned: Emily and Mark.

Given the prize, it’s not surprising that many fans of the show were desperate to find out what happened next with Emily and Mark. There are plenty of questions hanging in the air: Have they moved to Alaska? What have they done with the property?

We’ve done some digging into what happened next!

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Emily and Mark ‘Win the Wilderness’

Warwickshire-based farmers Mark Warner and Emily Padfield met back in 2011 and have been a couple ever since. They made it to the final alongside Tina and Chris.

When explaining why they chose the winners, the Alaskan homeowners Duane and Rena said:

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The reason we chose you two is because you’re basically in the same situation we were when we started this. You two make a great couple.

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What happened next?

At the end of the final Win the Wilderness episode, Duane and Rena handed over the keys to the property to Emily and Mark, after three decades of managing it. Duane also gave them a letter to read when they had gone.

Emily keeps a blog about what her and Mark are up to, and already, she has addressed the filming of Win the Wilderness. In her post from February 28th, 2020 she revealed that they had filmed the series in May 2019.

Given that they have taken Instagrams in England and have appeared on the likes of BBC Breakfast, we take it that Mark and Emily aren’t living in Alaska currently. As they both have jobs on the farm, it would be unlikely that Mark and Emily would immediately switch up their day-to-day for one in the wild, thousands of miles away from home.

Responding to a fan on Instagram on Wednesday, April 22nd, Emily wrote:

We’re looking into visa options, but hoping to get back out there as soon as possible. Who knows then that might be but keeping in contact with friends in Alaska which isn’t too badly affected. But flying is a worry. Then hope to get a longer visa than an Esta and go from there. Lots to do and sort out!

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Follow Emily and Mark’s journey on Instagram

Not only does Emily keep the website up to date with the latest on the couple, they also have a large presence on social media.

You can find Emily on Instagram @emilyfarmers

But the best place to follow the couple is their joint Instagram account @markandemilywinthewilderness. They have over 15,000 followers and counting as of publication date!




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