Despite all of the uncertainty at the moment, amid the coronavirus lockdown, people are clutching to every last bit of normality they can find. Unfortunately, Eggheads can’t provide that sense of stability.

One of the nation’s favourite quiz shows, Eggheads has been a regular staple of the TV lineup since 2003. And has been pretty consistent with appearing on our screens come early evening.

But now fans of the show are wondering what has happened to Eggheads, as the series has disappeared from air.

Screen Shot: Eggheads – BBC Two

What has happened to Eggheads?

The BBC released a brief statement on their website, saying: “Eggheads is now on a short break but will be back with new episodes on BBC Two in April.”

Now, as of yet they have not scheduled any episodes to be released in April 2020, so we can’t confirm a set date that Eggheads will return.

As coronavirus has halted the productions of TV shows across the UK, who knows what will happen with Eggheads going forward?


Sure, all episodes are prerecorded, so there is a strong chance the show will return to air in April, but when it comes to recording new episodes, well that looks unlikely. We could not have new episodes of Eggheads for the coming months!

Why is Eggheads off air?

Many have speculated why the show could be off air this March 2020.

First, people thought they took the show off air following the passing of Eggheads’ very own David Rainford. This decision may have been made out of respect to David’s family.

Others on Twitter have speculated that Eggheads has been removed from the TV schedule to make way for Richard Osman’s House of Games. As this is not a new series, and is just repeated episodes, we don’t think that is the case.

As of yet, no official statement has been released by either the BBC or the Eggheads team about the show’s absence from the TV schedule.

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