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Where is Darren McGarvey from? Background to family of Class Wars host

Where is Darren McGarvey from? The Class Wars host tackles social issues and establishes whether class still exists today in a new four-part series on BBC Scotland.

If there’s anyone qualified to tackle the issue of class in the 21st century, it’s Darren McGarvey. His upbringing and adult life can be compared in stark contrast as he now considers whether he’s middle class.

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Where is Darren McGarvey from?

Darren McGarvey hails from Pollok in Glasgow, Scotland. Pollok is located on the south side of Glasgow and is a housing estate.

Darren is an author, musician and social commentator who also goes by the rap name LOKI. His father, a musician, sparked his interest in music and supported Darren growing up.

His mother was a drug addict and because of this, Darren suffered growing up.

According to mental health organisation Compassionate Mental Health: “Darren describes himself as a “cultural terrorist” who has “learned to use his traumatic past as a Trojan horse in which to smuggle unorthodox opinions past establishment gatekeepers.”

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Poverty Safari

In 2017, Darren released a book named Poverty Safari.

In his book, which won the 2018 Orwell prize, he takes a look at Britain’s underclass.

Darren shines a light on poverty in the UK and speaks for people who come from deprived communities.

As reported by The Daily Record, “The book is a megaphone to the mouth of the poor and should be read by anyone who wants to understand, the increasing social economic polarity of today’s Scotland.”

Darren McGarvey: Wife

Although Darren suffered a lot of adversity in his childhood, he’s become a success as a man. He tells of a time in his book, Poverty Safari, that his mother held a knife to his throat. His father managed to get him out of the house. Speaking to Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 News in 2018, Darren said that these kinds of events “can create expectations that you can’t trust people”.

In his adult life he’s dealt with addiction, but today he is a husband as well as a father to two children.

Darren is married to wife, Becci. Follow him on Instagram @lokithescottishrapper. He’s also on Twitter with 40k followers @lokiscottishrap.

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