Where is The Rap Game season 3 cast now? Post-filming MC updates!

Where is The Rap Game season 3 cast now? Post-filming MC updates!

Season 3 of BBC’s MC and rap competition The Rap Game is officially coming to a close. We skipped a beat to find out where they are now…

Pocaa, Saidu, Kay Rico, Oakzy B, and BrynBP joined this year’s line-up. Halfway through, Kaydizzy had to exit, while BrynBP decided to leave.

Following a number of freestyles and raps, as well as going head-to-head with their fellow contestants, season 3 has been full of beats and grime.

Viewers may be wondering where the BBC cast are now, and whether they continued to pursue their music dreams once filming rapped up.

The Rap Game | Series 3 Trailer – BBC Trailers

The Rap Game | Series 3 Trailer – BBC Trailers


Saidu has been a favourite to win for many, but has he continued to pursue music since leaving the show? Yes he has!

He describes himself as a “destined entertainer” in his Instagram bio, and lists his talents as the following: actor, dancer, rapper and songwriter.

The BBC contestant also invites agents to direct message him for bookings and castings, and doesn’t stop sharing his recent videos with followers.

He recently collaborated with dancers Tommy Suave and BrandzzzJB to dance and vibe to Champagne Papi’s track What’s Next.


Pocaa has gone on to be incredibly influential, such as nail artists getting inspired by her “Saariousss” trademark saying!

While fans have been supporting her to win, one follower says she will be taking over musically by summer 2022 – whatever the result.

So, it looks like we can expect big things from Pocaa for another year or so, and potentially many more.

She has become good friends with Krept during her time on the competition, and shared a photo of them chilling in the hallway together.

Kay Rico

Kay Rico has already toured with Wiley, AJ Tracey, Aitch, and Mist!

Since filming ended, he has been working hard to make music, such as his recent video ‘Who’s This‘, which was released in July 2021.

Alongside co-star Oakzy B, his success has led to him becoming verified on Instagram. Despite his achievements, he always makes time for family.

He is also due to perform alongside Sneakbo at Spaced Out in Manchester this September, which he revealed he is “back and better” for.

Oakzy B

Oakzy has continued to release new music, including shooting a video for OnSite Show, which includes two freestyles.

The show is run by Up 2 Standard, a Scottish broadcasting company. So, it looks like the MC is sticking to his roots when it comes to music!

Oakzy sometimes hangs out with his nephew in Croydon, London, when he isn’t busy making music, and says “family comes first”.


Bryn released new music video ‘Lean’, just a few days before the final.

The track was shared on the UK’s number 1 for urban music, Mixtape Madness, and has already received over 21K plays on Spotify.

She has received lots of support on social media from other musicians and celebs, including Paigey Cakey, DizZY VC and Geordie Shore’s Chantelle.

Bryn may have left The Rap Game after deciding the competition was not right for her, but she definitely has not stopped pursuing her dreams.

The BBC star has also been recording music for Apple Music.


Despite leaving the show early, Kaydizzy has continued to pursue his passion in music by shooting regular music videos.

He still appears to live in Stoke-on-Trent, where he has been based while releasing new tracks.

Kaydizzy recently launched his latest song ‘Problem’, and continues to have a close friendship with co-star Oakzy B.

They have been giving away hints that they may collaborate soon, and plan to hang out together in the evenings.



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