A brand new two-part docu-series kicked off on BBC Two last night (Monday, October 28th) exploring what it is like living with obesity in Britain and the prejudice many face.

The series sees nine people living together in Oxfordshire for a month to examine both societal and their own attitudes to obesity. Each participant has their own reasons and back-story for their size, with some massively body-positive and others – such as Del and his gastric band – massively negative.

One of the participants is comedian Jed, who viewers fell in love with.

So, let’s get to know Jed from Who Are You Calling Fat? a bit better here.

Who Are You Calling Fat? Ep2 – Picture Shows: Jed on stage at Fanatic Comedy night – (C) Love Productions – Photographer: Sara Ramsden

Meet Jed

Jed Salisbury is a 28-year-old from Hull who was one of the participants in the BBC documentary, Who Are You Calling Fat?

He works full-time as a stand-up comedian and comedy events organiser.

The new series is not the first time Jed has featured in a documentary on telly. Last year, he starred in BBC 3’s The Naked Truth: Obesity.

Jed told Hull Live about why he signed up to that documentary. He said:

I was completely starkers in front of the cameras and it was very nerve-wracking so I made a couple of jokes which I do in any awkward situation.

I’m not an overly confident person in my body at all and it was very difficult for me to get on the show but at the same time I get up on stage and I am fine and in my comfort zone.

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Jed’s comedy career

In his Instagram bio, Jed describes himself as “Hull’s 4th favourite comedian.” It’s no wonder viewers fell in love with him on the BBC series for his humour and charm!

According to his Comedy CV, Jed started on the comedy circuit back in November 2009.

His first gig was called ‘The Art of Comedy Showcase’ which went on to win the best show of the 2009 Hull Comedy Festival.

Jed has since performed and compèred at hundreds of gigs across the country. He is also the director of the Hull Comedy Festival. Alongside his solo comedy work, he also is one quarter of Comedians On a Couch and involved with the Three Men and a Bed comedic group.

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Follow Jed on Instagram

If you want to know more about Jed, then you can follow him on Insta.

He is relatively new to the ‘gram, as his first post was on September 14th, 2019 but already, Jed has 906 followers! He regularly posts updates about his comedy career. Follow him @jedns.

You can also follow Jed on Twitter @jedns where he has been a more regular user over the past decade.




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