Following over 15 years of Dragons Den on the BBC, Reality Titbit is finally going to answer the burning question on everyones lips.

It’s not a gentle probe into what brand of socks Peter Jones wears, it’s not an investigative report on why Touker Suleyman feels the need to stitch his initials into his shirt, nor is it a poll on whether Steven Bartlett is annoying or very annoying.

We’re here to examine, review and finally answer the question on which Dragon has the comfiest chair in the den. So, sit back and enjoy.

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Screenshot: BBC iPlayer – Dragons Den series 19 episode 13

5. Steven Bartlett’s glorified deck chair

  • Comfort: 1/5
  • Style: 3/5
  • Durability: 1/5
  • Overall score: 5/15
Screenshot: BBC iPlayer – Dragons Den series 19 episode 13

BBC Two injected some fresh blood into their long-standing entrepreneur show with the hire of 29-year-old ‘marketing mogul’ Steven Bartlett. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to like about Steve’s persona or, more importantly, his chair.

Caped in gold jewellery which somehow looks like it’s from Claire’s Accessories despite the obvious value, Steve was clearly given the newbie chair upon arrival to the Den.

With a narrow and miniature back, the guy looks uncomfortably squished into his chair, and that might explain all the squirming he does every time Touker Sulleyman leans in for some random hostility.

The back looks flimsy, the recline value is non-existent and the chair is clearly the smallest of the five. And you know what they about men with small chairs.

4. Sara Davies’ no-thrills option

  • Comfort: 2/5
  • Style: 4/5
  • Durability: 2/5
  • Overall score: 8/15
Screenshot: BBC iPlayer – Dragons Den series 19 episode 13

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing significant to dislike about Sara’s chair. However, there’s nothing to love either.

The bubbly 37-year-old from Durham has brought some much-needed positive energy into the Den ever since her first inclusion in 2019 and is easily one of the most likable personalities. That thing she calls a chair though, eesh.

Sara’s arms (on her chair) are arguably the smartest and most stylish of the five while the plush black leather back is a nice touch. What lets this suave little number down is the comfort and practicality.

The slightest recline of Sara’s neck and she’s going to be in trouble as the back of the chair just about reaches her elbows, let alone her back or her head for comfort and support.

3. Peter Jones’ big daddy chair

  • Comfort: 2/5
  • Style: 3/5
  • Durability: 4/5
  • Overall score: 9/15
Screenshot: BBC iPlayer – Dragons Den series 19 episode 13

If Pete isn’t your favorite Dragon then there are some real issues going on with your judgment of character. However, if his chair is your third favorite, you could have the IQ of a genius.

We think Pete’s chair could be – and does look – identical to Touker’s seat. Although we didn’t reach out to the BBC production team for specific comment and clarification on the chairs used in Dragons Den because we’d obviously be rejected for wasting their time.

Nevertheless, both chairs look incredibly comfy with thick leather backings, a wide-set seat for your tush and chair arms at the appropriate length and height. The reason Pete slots in ahead of Touker in this competition, however, is because nothing about Pete is an appropriate length or height.

The 56-year-old businessman who, according to the Sunday Times Rich List is worth over £1 billion, stands at a staggering 6ft5. Natrually, this makes any chair that isn’t custom-made for the friendly giant annoyingly uncomfortable and although Pete does own a great chair, he does looks a little large for it during certain shots.

2. Touker’s ‘let me just nap for 5 minutes’ corner seat

Everytime the camera cuts Touker into the mix, the bloke looks super relaxed and incredibly snug. He sort of slouches into his chair like a grandad in his favorite armchair. There’s no chance any other Dragon is hopping into Touker’s seat, although we’d love to see Stevey B give it a try before the close of season 19.

Touker’s chair is wide, sturdy and we can imagine the 68-year-old with a replica at home, only adding in a cup holder on the side for a tipple or two of whiskey.

We all wish we could be as happy, rich and smug as Touker Suleyman in his chair.

  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Style: 3/5
  • Durability: 4/5
  • Overall score: 11/15
Screenshot: BBC iPlayer – Dragons Den series 19 episode 13

1. Our Queen, Deborah Meaden

  • Comfort: 4/5
  • Style: 5/5
  • Durability: 4/5
  • Overall score: 13/15

Debz – as she categorically doesn’t like to be called – is the joint longest-standing Dragon on the show alongside Peter. And that’s why the pair have an impeccable habit of teaming up together to oust the others.

Her chair is a thing of beauty – look at it.

Screenshot: BBC iPlayer – Dragons Den series 19 episode 13

Elegant, classy, deep and well-padded, the soft brown leather and wooden-frame chair has it all. Although slightly narrower than Peter and Touker’s frames, it really doesn’t matter considering Deborah’s smaller size.

Some may notice that the chair is the lowest of all five to the ground, which may cause some uncomfortableness in the legs, but overall Reality Titbit feels the chair still comfortably walks away with the crown.

Debz often looks nestled into her chair as it cuddles round her. On top of this, she often has her own blanky to throw on top -what’s not to love.

Screenshot: BBC iPlayer – Dragons Den series 19 episode 13

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