Who is Katie Ross? The Family Brain Games contestant is strangely familiar!

BBC Two is always serving some intellectual TV shows and The Family Brain Games is just that.

The brand new show kicked off on Monday, June 17th 2019.

Each episode a family of brainboxes go up against one another to contribute to the research around modern intelligence.

In episode 1 we met the Ross family from London, consisting of dad Jonathan, mum Katie, Amelia and Alexander.

So, who is recognisable Katie Ross from The Family Brain Games?

Screen Shot: The Family Brain Games – BBC

Who is Katie Ross from The Family Brain Games?

Brand new show to BBC Two, The Family Brain Games, sees Britain’s brainiest families go head to head to win the ultimate quiz.

Episode 1 saw the Ross family go up against the Griffiths.

Katie Ross was particularly recognisable and you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you, Katie’s been on TV before.

The mum-of-two worked as a presenter for the BBC and Channel 4.

Do we recognise Katie Ross from Country File?

Yes! Katie worked as a reporter for the BBC for 14 years.

She presented Country File from 1999 to 2013 as well as Tomorrow’s World and Come to Your Senses.

According to her Linkedin profile, Katie also presented Maths 4 Real on Channel 4 from 2000 – 2002.

Previous to her employment, Katie attended Cardiff University to study Documentary Film Production then went on to study Human Sciences at Oxford University at Masters Degree level.


She also worked as a researcher for the BBC and Touch Productions.

Katie Ross is an author

The 46-year-old currently works as a freelance writer for the Jumping Yak.

Katie has held this position since April 2017.

The Jumping Yak creates puzzle books for children encouraging confidence in learning.

Priced at £9 each, the books aimed at children aged 8 -12 years old are said to “complement their preparation, giving them constructive downtime”.

Katie said: “I wrote this book to remind us that revision can be fun, confidence gives you self-belief and everyone needs a break in the run-up to school tests.”

Screen Shot: The Family Brain Games – BBC



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