Who is Lucy Ryder Richardson? Dealer on BBC One’s The Bidding Room!

Get to know dealer Lucy Ryder Richardson from the BBC One series The Bidding Room. How long has she been in the antique business?

While there’s not much good to say about anything that has happened so far in 2020, there is one thing…

At least there has been some cracking stuff on telly.

Despite a number of productions having been plagued with disruptions as a result of COVID-19, there have still been plenty of shows making their way to screens.

Streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video have stepped up to the plate to entertain the masses, while on the other hand, BBC shows like The Bidding Room have captured our curiosity too.

According to IMDb, it’s actually a UK version of a German daytime series, ushering in new talents to make up the panel of dealers.

The public flock to the show to sell antiques, putting the dealers’ knowledge to the test.

So, let’s get to know one of them…

The Bidding Room (C) Ricochet – Photographer: Mitchell Collins

Lucy Ryder Richardson: Dealer on The Bidding Room

As highlighted by the BBC, Lucy is based in London and as well as being a dealer on The Bidding Room she works as an events organiser and interior designer.

She boasts over 14 years worth of experience in the antique business.

However, the previous source acknowledges that she was also a journalist beforehand.

She discovered the spark when she bought a painting for £500 and sold it at auction to make a handsome profit.

As for her specific interests, the BBC includes that she’s passionate about pieces from the 1940s, 50s and 60s, while she has also emphasised her love for post-WW2 chairs and Scandinavian furniture.

The cherry on top of it all, on the other hand, is Scandinavian silver jewellery.


Follow her on LinkedIn

You can find Lucy on LinkedIn here.

On her page, it showcases that she is the co-founder of Modern Shows, which she established in 2003.

According to her LinkedIn experience, she and Petra Curtis curate, market and produce rather prestigious shows, pop-ups and shop windows that reflect the current trend for mid-century design classics, along with modern design too. mixed with modern design.

They have been interviewed by The Financial Times, Grazie and more.

You can check out the Modern Shows website here and also follow them over on Instagram; they boast an impressive 42.4k followers.

She’s an author too!

In an interview with Absolutely London, she spoke about her aims with the book 100 Midcentury Chairs and their Stories: “I wanted it to be useful for everyone, from experts to people selling on eBay.”

Addressing its worth, she adds that it’s “not a coffee table book, it’s an actual read”.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon here.

The interview also acknowledges her partnership with The Modern House, an online estate agent.

While her passion couldn’t be clearer, this last quote – from the previous interview – captures her flair wonderfully: “We’ve had to invest in more storage… I’m a bad drug dealer. I take too much of my own stock”.

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