Who is Rebecca Marrow from University Challenge? Fans react to Cambridge student's 'hair tosses'

BBC’s University Challenge puts academic students to the ultimate test as they go head-to-head with other UK-based universities.

Hosted by Jeremy Paxman, he quizzes the students on a series of difficult questions and whoever buzzes first, can give their answer. Four students from each university are set up on a panel, but overall, the show starts with 28 teams until one remaining team gets their victory.

Last night’s (Monday 21) episode had fans praising St John’s Cambridge student Rebecca Marrow during her participation in the show. So who is Rebecca Marrow? We done some digging to find out all you need to know!

Screenshot: St John’s Cambridge University Challenge, Episode 11 2020/21, BBC

Who is Rebecca Marrow?

Rebecca is a natural sciences student at St John’s, University of Cambridge. She has a twin called Katie Marrow from Imperial College, who starred on Episode 4 of University Challenge.

She refers to her life as “remarkable” in her Instagram bio, which states: “Chronicles of an unremarkable life.” Rebecca has also put her appearance on the BBC show as her cover photo on Facebook, next to her team mates.

The University Challenge star previously attended St Thomas More Catholic School in Buxton, Derbyshire, so it is likely that Rebecca may have grown up in that area when she was younger.


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Rebecca on University Challenge

The fan favourite was on the BBC show alongside Thomas Musgrove, team captain, Milena Malcharek, and Sam Willis. The selection of team members was led by St John’s economics student Dani Vijayakumar.

They went head-to-head against Royal Academy of Music in the 11th first-round match of the series. Rebecca had auditioned for a role on the show at Cambridge and producers selected her and the other team mates as a group. Her and her team mates spent a lot of time together before filming began in BBC’s Media City in Salford in March, and won against the other team during last night’s episode.

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Fans love Rebecca Marrow

Viewers were very excited about Rebecca’s ‘hair tosses’ and took to social media to talk about them. While one fan insinuated she walks into her natural sciences lecture playing with her hair, another asked for her hand in marriage. One fan responded by saying: “Was it her flicking back her hair that did it for you?”




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