Who is Steve Kember from The Repair Shop?

The Repair Shop is a fan favourite on the BBC and shows family heirlooms being restored for their owners by experts.

All sorts of things turn up needing some TLC and restoration on the show, and luckily there are all different kinds of experts there to help.

Stephen Kember is one of these experts, and his field of knowledge is music boxes.

Who is Stephen Kember on The Repair Shop?

Stephen Kember is a guest on The Repair Shop and works as the music box specialist on the show. Stephen’s website states that he has been a “specialist restorer of antique cylinder and disc musical boxes (as well as the occasional automaton) for just over 30 years.”

Stephen’s shop in Rye offers restoration services for music boxes and “displays a selection of fine antique musical boxes that have been recently restored to a high professional standard and are for sale.”

When can you watch The Repair Shop?

You can currently watch new episodes of The Repair Shop on BBC One at 4:30pm every day this week.

If you have missed an episode then don’t worry as you can catch up on old episodes of the show on BBC iPlayer, as well as enjoy clips from the programme.





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