Who is The Bidding Room’s Natasha Francis? Meet the antique expert!

BBC One’s daytime show “The Bidding Room” hosted by Nigel Havers has become a must-see show. Let’s meet the expert Natasha Francis!

The Bidding Room seems to have become one of the most favourite daytime TV shows of the country, with the second season being very successful in terms of audience.

The show revolves around a range of people entering the bidding room, bringing along some of their most valuable goods, from hairdryers to teddy bears, whose worth is to be estimated by the experts of the show.

Natasha Francis is one of the people who put forward their expert bids in The Bidding Room. Let’s meet the expert!

Who is Natasha Francis?

Natasha Francis is one of the eight dealers in The Bidding Room. She’s based in London and her aim is to make antiques appealing to a young audience.

Francis has her own lifestyle brand “The Urban Vintage Affair”, which offers exclusive antique, vintage and handmade pieces.

The brand mainly sells antique through the Instagram page named “@the_urban_vintage_affair”.

On her brand’s website, Francis reveals that she worked for years with luxury fashion designers like Tommy Hilfiger and All Saints.

Her career in the fashion industry ended up fuelling her fascination for handmade and historical items, like antique.

The quality Francis loves most about antiques is functionality, as she’s also a big fan of Victorian silverware, frequently featured on her Instagram shop.

Francis loves buying antique suitcases and chests that can be recycled and repurposed to have a life beyond luggage.

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