Who is woodworking whizz Carwyn Owen from Money For Nothing?

Furniture-designer Carwyn Owen has featured on BBC’s Money For Nothing multiple times this year, and viewers want to know more about his personal life.

Money For Nothing has returned to our screens once again with a brand new series.

During the daytime TV show, we see vintage designer, Sarah Moore, meet people across the UK who are wanting to throw their worn-out goods.

Sarah, along with various designers, transforms these goods to give them a new life and also a higher value.

Reality Titbit has found out all the details on woodworking whizz Carwyn Owen, such as who he is, and how he lives mortgage-free…

Programme Name: Money For Nothing S11 – TX: n/a – Episode: Money For Nothing S11 – Ep11 (No. 11) – Picture Shows: Leigh-Anne Treadwell, Sarah Moore – (C) Friel Kean Films – Photographer: Matt Tiller

Who is Carwyn Owen?

Carwyn Owen is an unstoppable enthusiast for design and furniture.

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The 26-year-old grew up on a farm in mid-Wales, where at a young age he learned to make anything out of wood.

He then went on to study Furniture Design at Sheffield Hallam University.

Carwyn has his own furniture company, called C.Owen Designs, which provides custom-built furniture by Carwyn himself.

He clearly keeps his furniture close to his roots, and wrote on his site:

I am proud to say that C.Owen designs furniture is not only inspired by the landscape of Mid-Wales, but is built from the very trees it takes it’s inspiration from.

Carwyn Owen on Money for Nothing

During yesterday’s episode, we saw Sarah give Carwyn the challenge of transforming Brenda’s old-fashioned dressing table.

Brenda’s parents had bought the sentimental item for both her and her sister just after the war.

Carwyn loved the dresser, and hoped to get it back to light fresh oak before modernising it with a glass top for usability – all within a £450 budget.

Carwyn succeeded in saving Brenda’s childhood treasure, and she received a £105 profit!

Carwyn Owen lives mortgage-free

Money For Nothing isn’t the first TV show Carwyn Owen has featured on, as he was also on channel 4’s How To Live Morgage Free.

On the show, we saw Carwyn’s handmade house which overlooks the glorious Welsh landscape.

Carwyn and his girlfriend Megan were living with their parents and wanted a solution to living together, minus the expensive costs.

He built the home himself for just £5,000, using two lorries which a friend gave to him in return for making his furniture!



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