DIY SOS: The Big Build is back once more for some life-changing projects and renovations.

Since the series kicked off its Big Build format in 2010, the DIY SOS team have created some rather spectacular projects. From altering houses of those with disabilities so they are more accessible, to rebuilding the Grenfell Boxing Club, even to creating a whole new street for veterans… the show has done it all!

But as the projects are so often major undertakings, many viewers wonder how much it all costs.

So, who pays for the work on DIY SOS?

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Who pays for DIY SOS?

No one pays, it is all done through donations!

On the BBC website, it says: “DIY SOS relies on the support and generosity of the local community; from neighbours, tradespeople, and suppliers to donate their time, space, expertise and products to volunteer.”

So, once a family has been selected, the DIY SOS team contacts local builders, tradespeople and other businesses for support. They also contact news stations and make a call on social media for volunteers to help with the project.

BBC’s DIY SOS editorial policy states that no business can gain from participation, not even by stating they had helped with the build or project.

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How much have they spent on DIY SOS?

In July 2017, Nick Knowles told Radio Times that they had spent a mega £15million on building the properties.


Obviously, this amount would have increased since then. Particularly as one of their biggest and most important builds to date, the Grenfell Boxing Club, had not been built yet.

Now, we estimate that the DIY SOS team have spent well over £20million on the projects.

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How do they choose the families?

You can apply yourself or nominate someone else to be on DIY SOS through their website. All that is required is that you be a registered UK homeowner.

However, as the DIY SOS team get so many applicants, not many will make it through.

The work also needs to be large-scale, it cannot be just cosmetic work such as painting, decorating or garden work. It is The Big Build after all!




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