This week, Matt Baker announced that he’s stepping down as a host from The One Show.

After nine years of hosting the BBC One chat show, Matt sadly confirmed on Wednesday that he’ll no longer be interviewing celebrities from the green couch.

Matt has tackled a range of interviews and news, from consumer affairs to wildlife, but another presenter will be taking over Matt’s hosting duties from 2020.

So who will replace Matt on The One Show? Reality Titbit has looked into four potential candidates for the green sofa.

Screenshot: Matt Baker from The One Show on December 4

Why is Matt Baker quitting The One Show?

On Wednesday’s episode (December 4), Matt Baker confirmed that he’s departing from the BBC one chat programme after hosting it for nine years.

The One Show has been a massive part of my life for almost a decade,” Matt said during the episode. “I will be leaving this green sofa in the spring. It’s time to give somebody else the opportunity to see how big-hearted and generous you, our One Show viewers, really are.”

While he didn’t reveal what’s the reason for his departure, Matt also added that he’ll continue hosting BBC’s Countryfile, the Olympics, as well as other gigs.

Screenshot: The One Show 16/10/19 – iPlayer

Who will replace Matt Baker on The One Show?

There are a few rumoured names who could step in and replace Matt. One of them is certainly Angellica Bell who’s been co-hosting alongside Matt as the show’s regular presenter Alex Jones is currently on her maternity leave.

Angellica has been presenting many times over the last few years.

Another name that is highly speculated is broadcaster and TV presenter Angela Scanlon who’s also been making regular host appearances on The One Show.


BBC journalists Amol Rajan and Michelle Ackerley have also stepped in to replace Matt and Alex before, so they are another potential hosts.

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When is Alex Jones coming back then?

The show’s regular Alex Jones is currently on her maternity leave but she has previously said that she’s excited to come back as soon as she can.

Alex left on her maternity back in April, but taking to Twitter this week she confirmed she’s coming back after Christmas to host the show alongside Matt.




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