Masterchef 2022 has officially closed its kitchen doors after crowning this year’s winner. From tough challenges to a multitude of eliminations, the cooking competition has now chosen who was most deserving of the title.

The dramatic finale saw the winning chef be described as a “natural-born cook” as MasterChef judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace had to whittle down to the final few, and then finally choose the most impressive contestant.

With 45 contestants at the start, hoping to impress the judges, there was just one who managed to win them over against the many other stars. They went through weeks of culinary challenges and ended with a huge cook-off.

So, just who won MasterChef 2022 and where is the reigning chef since the BBC series was filmed? We’ve got all the details on whether they have started working at a particular restaurant, and how they celebrated the win.

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Who won MasterChef 2022?

Eddie Scott won MasterChef UK 2022. After some tough competition, he was crowned the winner against 44 other contestants, following seven weeks of challenges and an intense final cook-off.

He spoke of his win and said:

It’s everything. My whole life I feel has been building up to this moment. I can’t believe I’m standing here as the MasterChef champion. It’s just been the most stressful and the most enjoyable! I feel like I’ve just discovered who I am as cook. It’s the best feeling ever.

John described Eddie as a “culinary powerhouse” while Gregg said they had “just seen the birth of a future great chef.” He added that the winner had hardly put one foot wrong throughout the entire competition.

The winner’s cooking history

Eddie, 31, is a marine pilot when he’s not at home cooking up a storm. Now living in East Yorkshire, who grew up in a small village in Leicestershire, was inspired by the produce available near his home in the Yorkshire Wolds.

However, his passion for cooking actually started while growing up, as his family was extremely knowledgeable about food. His mum was a baker, while his father would go to specialist supermarkets to gather ingredients for his dishes.

The BBC One star spoke about his father and family’s cooking to the Yorkshire Post:

He made exciting dishes like Mexican chimichangas, skate wing with beurre noisette and brilliant authentic Indian curries. My grandparents on my mother’s side from Punjab were both excellent cooks. I used to watch my grandmother cook piles of amazing paranthas and my grandfather was an expert at keema. They taught me a lot.

This year’s winner and his family used to go to France every summer holiday, where he would be impressed with how they presented food. Eddie put off applying for MasterChef for years – and went on to win the entire competition!

Where is Eddie Scott now?

Eddie continues to make delicious dishes at home, and has accumulated a following of at least 9.4K fans on his food-filled Instagram. He is also focusing on his job as a marine pilot day-to-day, which was always his dream.

The day after the final was aired, he stayed in a hotel before being interviewed on BBC Breakfast. This was followed by a full breakfast straight after to celebrate his big win. He told Yorkshire Post about what he sees in his future.

Eddie said he hopes to travel to India and learn from famous royal Awadhi chefs, with a new dream to work in a top restaurant. With even bigger hopes to open his own restaurant one day, the future looks bright for Eddie!



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