Who won University Challenge 2021? Fans go mad for Rout's success!

After several months of competing, the BBC’s University Challenge 2021 came to a close on Monday, April 5th. So, who won this year’s quiz?

With university goers sitting down for multiple question rounds, it hasn’t been easy for those who took part in the mind-boggling competition.

It works like this: universities go head-to-head each week, and the teams with the lowest points are eliminated, as the show gets closer to the final.

For those who missed last night’s final quiz, we have the latest round-up of who won University Challenge 2021…

Screenshot: University Challenge, 2020/21: 37, Grand Final, BBC

Fans react to University Challenge 2021 final

Viewers seemed to enjoy the final, with many rooting for both Warwick University – especially for contestant Rout – and Magdalene, Cambridge.

There were also some fans confessing that they wanted Braid, from Warwick University, to be their friend, so the team was pretty popular.

As host Jeremy Paxman asked the teams questions, there were thousands of Tweets rolling into social media…

Who won University Challenge 2021?

  • Warwick University

They came up top after going head-to-head with Magdalene, Cambridge.

The team, which consisted of Pollard, Braid, Rout and Burrell, won by 195 points compared to Magdalene’s 140.

Having fought off tough competition against other UK universities in the space of nine months, Jeremy Paxman and guest presenter Simon Armitage handed over the champions’ trophy to them!

Who is Rout on University Challenge?

Andrew Rout is a second year PhD student at Warwick University.

Studying mathematics, his research is in nonlinear dispersive PDEs and many-body quantum problems.

He was the captain of the Warwick University during his time on the BBC’s University Challenge 2021, and adored by many viewers.

One fan wrote: “Rout was one of the better captains this year, always asking the rest of the team for their opinions rather than going it alone.”

Another said: “A shout out to Warwick Uni and the extremely bright Mr Rout in particular.”



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