Why did Kaydizzy leave The Rap Game? Reason behind exit explained!

Why did Kaydizzy leave The Rap Game? Reason behind exit explained!

Kaydizzy formed part of The Rap Game season 3 line-up this year, but left fans confused when he suddenly left the BBC competition.

He was competing for the winning title £20K prize and mentor scheme, alongside musicians Kay Rico, Pocaa, Saidu, Oakzy B and BrynBP.

Hosted by rapper duo Krept and Konan, and DJ Target, Kaydizzy, a 19-year-old from Stoke, came onto The Rap Game this year to fight for her chance.

However, shock came when he made a sudden exit from the BBC music show, and fans have questions about the reason why.

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The Rap Game | Series 3 Trailer – BBC Trailers

The Rap Game | Series 3 Trailer – BBC Trailers

Who is Kaydizzy?

Kaydizzy is a musician from Stoke-on-Trent.

Planning to be one of the biggest artists on the rap music scene, his inspirations are Chip, Krept & Konan, and Bugzy Malone.

During his time on The Rap Game season 3, we have seen him open up about past self-belief struggles.

He also had a main goal to make his mum proud on the show.

Fans react to Kaydizzy’s exit

Viewers have been led to think he might have been caught with cannabis, which could be the reason for his exit. But this is unconfirmed.

One fan said: “So the biggest question in British TV…what did Kay Dizzy do to be sent home from The Rap Game U.K.?!!”

Another replied with: “Picture of him in the penthouse smoking weed maybe that was it.”

Some were left bewildered, as the actual reason for why Kaydizzy was asked to leave was not addressed by producers.

“what happened to kay dizzy in the rap game”, said another viewer.

Why did Kaydizzy leave The Rap Game?

  • Kaydizzy was told to leave as he “broke the rules regarding unacceptable behaviour”, revealed Krept on the show

Rumour has it that Kaydizzy was told to leave after smoking cannabis, but this is currently unconfirmed by BBC as a reason.

Kaydizzy had also temporarily left earlier due to “personal reasons”. But for a second time, he was asked to leave the show permanently.

He shared a picture on Instagram which showed him with what appeared to be a joint in his mouth, but this may not be the actual reason.

The rapper only uploaded this picture a week ago, and it is likely that filming took place well before then.

When he temporarily left, Konan added that Kaydizzy had been staying in a hotel due to Covid-19 protocols and social distancing measures.

Just two weeks before the final, Kaydizzy left the competition.

He appeared up until the middle of episode four. At the start of the ep, he said he has “got to make sure there is no slip ups”.



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