Why did Zandra Rhodes leave The Real Marigold Hotel? She left the BBC show before the finale

The Real Marigold Hotel came to an end on Thursday, May 28th, after another season of celebs trying out the sweet retirement life in India.

In episode 4 of the 2020 series, the celebrities said goodbye to their home in Puducherry after weeks of learning more about the local customs, cuisine and sightseeing places.

However, viewers have noticed that Zandra Rhodes was missing from the final episode, and many wonder why she’d cut her trip short.

So, why did Zandra leave The Real Marigold Hotel?

Zandra Rhodes, The Real Marigold Hotel

Why did Zandra leave The Real Marigold Hotel?

Zandra left Real Marigold Hotel after her partner’s condition has got worse.

The fashion designer was filming the BBC series when she received a call from her doctor that late Salah Hassanein was taken to the hospital.

Zandra left in episode 3 of The Real Marigold Hotel, saying goodbye to the rest of the group. She said on camera:

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I’m very sad to be leaving the group and I didn’t wish to be disappearing so quickly. But his doctor told me, ‘Please don’t leave it, Sandra. I’d much rather you came back than take a risk’.

When did Zandra’s partner die?

Zandra’s partner Salah died in June 2019. He was 98 years old, 19 years older than Zandra.

The voiceover on the Real Marigold Hotel revealed that Salah had been ill for some time before his health got worse and he got rushed into hospital.

Salah has left five children, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He was married to Elyse England from 1978 to 1993 and he was in a relationship with Zandra since 1994.

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Who was Salah Hassanein?

Salah was a film producer, originally from Alexandria, Egypt. He moved to the US in 1945 when he was 24 years old.

He worked for the US Armed Forces for two years and later landed a job as an usher at Skouras Theatres in New York City.

Salah’s career kicked off after rising to a president of United Artists Eastern Theatres. He was also the president of Warner Brothers International Theatres between 1988 and 1994.

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