Garden enthusiasts around the world were disappointed after the news that Chelsea Flower Show organisers have called off the annual event.

The pandemic crisis led to many changes as production companies stopped filming TV shows and movies, while festivals and concerts have moved to next year.

Luckily, BBC brought Chelsea Flower Show in a digital format, featuring special episodes as presenters Monty Don and Joe Swift take on a horticultural journey.

In Tuesday’s episode (May 19th), viewers noticed that Monty had a walking stick and some wonder whether he has an illness.

Monty Don, Chelsea Flower Show

Why has Monty Don got a walking stick?

Monty has a walking stick because he has bad knee joints.

The BBC presenter previously revealed that he has suffered from sore knees for many years. His overall health is good, however, his knees have always caused him problems.

In a 2015 interview with Belfast Telegraph, Monty explained:

My health’s good, apart from my knees. One of them needs to be replaced — it’s painful — and the other one is dodgy, so walking tends to be restricted.

We believe that Monty has used a walking stick for many years now as viewers have noticed the presenter using one on 2014 episodes on Chelsea Flower Show and Gardeners’ World.

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When did Monty Don have a stroke?

The presenter, who will turn 65 in 2020, suffered a stroke back in 2008.

The condition forced him to step down from his presenting role on Gardeners’ World for 3 years while he took time off to recover.

It’s unknown whether the stroke led to his knee condition now or if it’s something he’s had before.

Monty Don, Chelsea Flower Show

Monty’s health after the stroke

Monty’s stroke was a wake-up call to stop overworking himself and take better care of his health and body.

He told the Daily Mail in 2011: “I don’t work so hard now, and when I do things I do them on my terms.”

The presenter added that he used to have 18-hour days where he would the whole day writing and filming. He said: “I was always trying to prove myself all the time.”

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