The auctioneer Thomas Plant has long appeared on the likes of BBC’s top antiques programmes such as Bargain Hunt and Flog It!

However, through all the years he’s been on our screens, there’s one issue which fans still are confused about: his name.

Thomas Plant now goes by Thomas Forrester and has never directly issued the name change. So, why has Thomas Plant changed his name?

Screenshot: Thomas Plant in Bargain Hunt S49 E27 – iPlayer

Who is Thomas Plant?

Thomas Plant is an auctioneer and TV presenter. He runs his own auction house in Berkshire but previously worked as the Head of Department within Ceramics, Jewellery and Silver at Gorringe’s and Phillips.

Thomas’s speciality is in jewellery, watcher and silver.

He started Special Auction Services in 1991 with his partners Neil Shuttleworth and Hugo Marsh.

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Why has Thomas Plant changed his name?

Thomas Plant has changed his name to Thomas Forrester, which came as a surprise to many of his viewers.

The leading theory for Thomas’s name change was that he married Jessica Forrester and took her name. But this theory has confused many fans, given that Thomas was previously married to a woman named Angela.

Given that so many viewers were after a concrete answer, Special Auction Services addresses the issue on December 14th, 2018. They tweeted:

Thomas has been Thomas Forrester for some time now so to avoid any further confusion he decided it was high time his details were updated. Of course, those of you who know him as Thomas Plant will always call him as such, for the avoidance of doubt he is in fact one in the same!

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Jessica and Thomas Forrester

There has been no confirmation that the two are actually married, or even together. Jessica Forrester works for Special Auction Services as an auctioneer and auction manager. She also heads up the HR and staffing for the firm.

Jessica has a Masters degree in Arts Market Appraisal and is a Fellow of the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers.

You can read more about Jessica’s work here.

In 2010, it was reported by the Oxford Mail that Thomas was living in Cowley with his wife Angela and their two twin daughters. Thomas and Angela had married in 2006 and had their children in 2010. It could well be that Thomas Plant was previously married to a woman named Angela, separated, then remarried. We know that Thomas is currently married as in a Newbury Today article on the auctioneer, they mention that he “lives locally with his wife.” This is in Newbury, Berkshire, not Cowley.

Screenshot: Thomas Plant in Bargain Hunt S49 E27 – iPlayer


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