Springwatch is finally here to offer escapism and comfort during the lockdown period. With the cancellation of many shows on the telly, it’s certainly a relief that the wildlife programme is still happening this year.

The BBC series has returned with the likes of hosts Chris Packham, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams, as well as a line-up of guest presenters.

However, regular host Michaela Strachan is not on Springwatch 2020.

So, why is she not on the BBC series this year? And when will she be back?

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan

Why is Michaela Strachan not on Springwatch?

Michaela is missing Springwatch 2020 because she’s stuck in South Africa.

The Springwatch presenter hasn’t been able to return to the UK to film the new series because of the pandemic crisis.

Official information from the UK Government advises people that “commercial passenger flights to and from South Africa are unlikely to resume for some time”.

In addition, South Africa has introduced a series of entry requirements that may deny the entry of British nationals if they’ve been in countries with a high risk of coronavirus.

So perhaps that’s why Michaela hasn’t returned to the UK since the country has been hit badly by the virus and thus Michaela won’t be able to go back to South Africa.

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Where does Michaela live?

Michaela’s permanent residence is in Hout Bay, Cape Town. She has lived there since 2002.

The Springwatch presenter lives with her partner Nick Chevallier and their son Oliver.

Michaela and Nick’s home overlooks the harbour of Hout Bay which has gorgeous views to the Atlantic ocean and its surroundings.

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When is Michaela back?

In episode 1 of Springwatch 2020 (May 26th), Chris Packham explained that Michaela will be back for Autumnwatch.

The BBC programme usually returns in October, so we expect Michaela to be back on our screens when she returns in a few months.




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