MasterChef viewers have been left baffled why were there only 3 chefs on Tuesday’s episode – what happened to the fourth contestant?

MasterChef: The Professionals kicked off from November 10th which sees the best pro chefs battle it out in a bid to become this year’s champion.

Tuesday’s episode (November 24th) has left many fans confused after one of the contestants was edited out of the BBC show without any explanation.

So, what happened to the fourth contestant? Here’s what we found, as well as how viewers have reacted to the mysterious disappearance of the MasterChef star.

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MasterChef: Why were there only 3 chefs?

It all began after MasterChef revealed that there will be only three chefs competing on November 24th. The show’s statement at the start of the episode said:

“This programme has been edited and features 3 of the original 4 contestants who took part.”

If you watch the end of the previous episode from last week, you will see that the promo trailer shows only three chefs.

Twitter users soon flooded the social media platform with reactions and theories after the announcement that one of the chefs has been edited out.

MasterChef hasn’t come forward with a statement or explanation as to why the fourth contestant didn’t make an appearance on the cooking competition.

MasterChef viewers question chef’s identity

The contestant’s name is unknown at the time of publication, however, many people believe that he is a man.

As per information by BBC, the fourth chef was supposed to prepare Marcus Wareing’s version of a classic crepe Suzette.

Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that MasterChef showed glimpses of the mystery contestant’s neck and arms and have been actively trying to work out the chef’s identity.

Meanwhile, another keen-eyed viewer pointed out that a previous article from The Sun included a chef named Scott in their cast list. The publication wrote at the time: “Nothing has been shared on Scott yet.”

However, pro chef Scott from Manchester was sent home in last night’s episode so that couldn’t be the mysterious chef.

There are still chefs who are yet to compete on the 2020 series but we know for sure that the mysterious contestant is not one of these confirmed semi-finalists: Dave, Philli, Victor, Santosh, Alex and Jono.

Fans share their reactions

MasterChef viewers have flooded Twitter with their reactions as many tried to guess who the fourth professional chef could have been.

One user tweeted: “I’m burning with curiosity what happened to the fourth contestant on Masterchef.”

Someone else commented: “Can the next episode of the Pilot podcast be entirely dedicated to a rigorous investigation of the disappearing fourth Masterchef contestant, please?”

Meanwhile, BBC journalist Azi Farni said: “Just thinking that whatever the mystery contestant did to get themselves edited out, it was worse than what Scott did to that pancake.”



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