The long-awaited White Gold season 2 is now airing on BBC Two every Wednesday night (until April 10th).

The first season launched in 2017 before a 22-month slog saw fans completely forget about the series, with many suspecting that it had been cancelled.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, and another series could be in the pipeline. Here’s everything you need to know about White Gold season 3!

White Gold - (C) ©Fudge Park - Photographer: Nicola Dove

White Gold – (C) ©Fudge Park – Photographer: Nicola Dove

Why did White Gold season 2 take so long to produce?

The first season of White Gold ended in June 2017, with nearly a two-year gap before the follow-up season.

Complications with production arose when lead actor, Ed Westwick, had sexual misconduct allegations made against him.

The show was briefly suspended mid-way through filming in November 2017.

However, these claims were dismissed and no charges were brought against the 31-year-old actor who plays self-absorbed salesman Vincent Swan.

Writer/director Damon Beesley said to Digital Spy:

We could never have made a second series without Ed. Obviously it was a tough year for everyone, but we knew that the right thing to do was to go by the book and let the investigation play out.

White Gold seasons 2 - Photographer: Nicola Dove

White Gold – Ed Westwick – Photographer: Nicola Dove

We’re satisfied with how the investigation concluded, hence the decision to resume filming and Ed is fantastic in the show.

Will there be a White Gold season 3?


The BBC are yet to confirm whether there will be a third season of White Gold.

However, director Damon has hinted that there are plenty of themes from season 2 that could continue into a third instalment.

So long as the ratings stand strong and the fans call out for a White Gold season 3, we could see a far quicker turnaround in production with the hilarious window salesmen back on our TV screens by March 2020.

Programme Name: White Gold - Photographer: Nicola Dove

Programme Name: White Gold – Photographer: Nicola Dove



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