Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal is coming to our screens with a brand new makeover show.

Named You Are What You Wear, the BBC series sees specialists on a mission to help people transform their style.

In each episode, contestants will have the chance to completely reinvent their wardrobes by choosing outfits based on how they feel from inside.

So, if you feel bright and positive – a floral print dress might be the way you go? Or do people tend to wear darker clothes on the days they feel a bit down?

Well, that’s up to the show’s five stylists. So, let’s meet the cast of You Are What You Wear!

Kat Farmer, Lucie Clifford, Rylan Clark-Neal, Joey Bevan, Nana Acheampong, Darren Kennedy – (C) Multitude Media – Photographer: Mark Gregson

You Are What You Wear: Cast

  • Darren Kennedy
  • Joey Bevan
  • Kat Farmer
  • Lucie Clifford
  • Nana Acheampong

Meet Darren

Darren is an Irish presenter and style columnist. He’s worked for several broadcasters, including BBC, ITV and Channel 5.


The stylist is passionate about cruelty-free products. In fact, he launched his own vegan skin and hair brand called Kennedy & Co.

Meet Joey

Joey is a fashion designer, hairstylist and TV host.

He’s worked with celebrities and artists in the fashion and music industry. In addition, his work has been published in several fashion magazines, including Vogue Italy and InStyle.

Meet Kat

Kat is a writer and style blogger. She’s most passionate about creating content on fashion, beauty and travel.

As an influencer, Kat has worked with a number of high street fashion brands in the past.

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#AD First pair of “skinny” jeans nailed. Thank you @marksandspencer for bringing us great denim that FITS at the most amazing price point – accessible to everyone. I say “skinny” as these are actually Slim these days but in old school money (and I am SO old school), that’s “skinny”. Skinny these days is literally spray on and I feel my days of legs vacuum packed into denim are perhaps behind me. I personally find a slim leg more flattering and simply easier to wear. Perfect for dressing up or down, with heels, trainers or boots. These are The Lily… and I’m wearing the 10long. I do think they’re generous. BUT I’ve had mine on all day and NO NAPPY BUM!!!! 👊More pics over on stories.

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Meet Lucie

Lucie is a fashion stylist and brand consultant.

Plus, Lucie also has a lot of experience as a writer as she was the fashion editor on LOOK magazine. In addition, she’s worked with a number of fashion and beauty brands in the UK.

Meet Nana

Nana is a celebrity stylist who loves glamorous and elegant looks.

She’s worked with many celebrities including the late Love Island host Caroline Flack and This Morning‘s Holly Willoughby.