Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted returned for its second series bringing a new batch of young and wealthy entrepreneurs.

In episode 1 (February 24th) of the BBC3 series, we were introduced to a number of rich youngsters from an online trader making £8k a day to a fashion designer.

The six-part documentary show reveals how those young businesspeople have made it to the top ditching the rat race from 9 to 5.

So let’s meet the cast of Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted and get to know their careers, Instagrams and more.

Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted, S2

Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted: Episode 1 cast

  • Ashley Richards Fox
  • Alex Pike
  • Toni Leigh Hall
  • Daniel Gonthier

Ashley Richards Fox

Ashley is a 20-year old online trader from the Welsh town Tenby in Pembrokeshire. Ashley failed his GCSEs a few years ago, but he’s now making up to £8k a day working from home.

He makes his profits working from his laptop and mobile phone.

You can find Ashley on Instagram under the handle of @ash.r. There, he likes to post about expensive cars and trading tips.

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Ashley Richards Fox on Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted

Alex Pike

Alex, 24, is a fashion designer and comes from Swansea. In the first episode, Alex travelled to the French Riviera to attend the Cannes Film and Fashion Festival.

His collection on the show in Cannes featured £3,000 dresses. Follow him and his fashion dresses on Instagram here.

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Toni Leigh Hall and Daniel Gonthier

Toni and Daniel are returning stars from the show’s first series. Toni is the owner of Banter Cards – a company that sells creative cards, notebooks and calendars. You can find her on Instagram under the name of @tonileighhall.

Daniel is a YouTube vlogger with 1.7m subscribers at the moment. Find him under the handle of @gonth.

Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted: Episode 2 cast

  • Hannah and Sophie Pycroft
  • Cameron Reardon

Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted: Episode 3 cast

  • Ibby Tarafdar
  • Callum Griffiths
  • Erin Budina

Erin Budina

Erin, 26, is a social influencer from the Vale of Glamorgan. She also appeared in the first series in 2018.

She has lived in London since 2016 where she has the lavish life of a 2020 blogger. You can follow her on Instagram here where she regularly posts about her travels, daily outfits and beauty tips.

Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted: Episode 4, 5 and 6 cast

  • Rage Darling
  • Dan Huxtable
  • Rory
  • Mimi
  • Cousins Jack and Ashley



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