Will there be Your Home Made Perfect series 3? BBC's Angela Scanlon gives update!

Since the premiere of the first series in April 2019, Your Home Made Perfect has become the new favourite renovation show on our screens.

Presented by Angela Scanlon, the BBC series features architects Robert Jamison and Laura Jane Clark who look over existing homes and pitch completely new designs, using the help of virtual reality.

In every episode, Robert and Laura go head-to-head to propose their best ideas that suit the client’s requirements – but only one of the ideas gets picked up!

And quite naturally, viewers want Your Home Made Perfect to return for another series. So, will there be series 3?

Your Home Made Perfect S2 (C) Remarkable Television – Photographer: Chris Sales

When does Your Home Made Perfect 2020 finish?

Series 2 of Your Home Made Perfect was supposed to air its final episode on Tuesday, May 19th.

However, there has been disruption to the show’s broadcasting schedule as the last two episodes, six and seven, haven’t aired yet.

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Your Home Made Perfect has now confirmed that the series is back for a new episode on Tuesday, June 16th at 8 pm on BBC Two.

The final episode of season 2 will air the following week, on Tuesday, June 23rd.

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Will there be Your Home Made Perfect series 3?

  • Yes, Your Home Made Perfect will return for series 3!

Presenter Angela Scanlon has confirmed on Twitter that she and her team have already started filming the next series.

“We’ve started series 3 x,” she tweeted.

Series 1 and 2 premiered in April 2019 and 2020 respectively, so the earliest we can expect series 3 to arrive would be in spring 2021.

And even though season 3 is still a long way off – viewers at home have already started pitching ideas and suggestions what they want to see in the next series.

For instance, one viewer wrote: “Your Home Made Perfect is such a great series! One suggestion for season 3 though…ban bench seating.”

While another one added: “But why has no-one used the word banquette once this series,” to which Angela replied: “Missed opportunity. Noted for series 3?”

Your Home Made Perfect series 3: Cast and presenter

Similar to the first two series, presenter Angela Scanlon will be back to host the next series.

And right by her side, architects Robert and Laura will return to pitch their innovative ideas and solutions on how to make someone’s home better.




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