Jenna and Adam Below Deck Sailing Yacht are no longer a couple
Screenshot: Jenna and Adam, Still to Come This Season on Below Deck Sailing Yacht | Bravo YouTube

Jenna and Adam Below Deck Sailing Yacht are no longer a couple

Below Deck fans had high hopes for Adam and Jenna, but they are no longer a couple. In fact, she has moved on to a new beau and it’s fair to say that Bravo viewers are tearing up about it.

Chief stew Jenna MacGillivray and chef Adam Glick sparked dating rumors back in 2020, when they appeared on the Sailing Yacht series version. One thing led to another and they later left the season as a couple.

However, it has since been revealed that their former relationship is done, but they still continue to keep in touch as friends. We also found out that Jenna has moved on and is seeing someone new.

As Below Deck Sailing Yacht gets ready to air its third season, questions surrounding their romance are up in the air.

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Adam and Jenna’s romance

Adam and Jenna were very romantic, which involved them sharing a lot of PDA and getting incredibly close. However, it wasn’t all plain-sailing, as he ended up breaking up with her and got frustrated she had dated another guy.

Their affection for each other involved a lot of *ahem* bottom-grabbing, which made the other yacht staff uneasy. When confronted, Jenna asked her boss: “What am I supposed to tell Adam, that he can’t touch me anymore?”

The couple slept in the master bedroom together and constantly kissed in the galley. They appear to have left the 2020 season together, but things changed a while after they hit main ground and gave their relationship a go camera-free.

When they gave a relationship a go following the season, Adam reportedly left a love note wrapped with a piece of sea glass on Jenna’s bed that read:

Here’s to what feels like a lifetime of combing beaches in search of the perfect piece of sea glass. That’s you.

Are Adam and Jenna from Below Deck together?

No, Adam and Jenna confirmed their relationship was over in May 2020.

Why did Adam and Jenna break up?

Although they quarantined together, it appears as though they realised they didn’t share the same thoughts about life.

When asked during an Instagram live what the deal was with Adam, she responded: “The path was cleared for me to be my normal stoked self and find someone that shares my values.”

After leaving the boat, they went on a road trip in Greece, but they also drove across the country together, spending time with Adam’s family and in Jenna’s hometown in Canada before celebrating Christmas.

However, shortly after the virtual reunion, it was confirmed that they are no longer together but continue to keep in contact, and were thought to have been working things out at the time of their split.

Since then, Jenna has moved onto someone else, who she often features on her Instagram page. Adam, however, remains single since the split from his on-screen romance.

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Meet Jenna’s new beau

Jenna is now in a relationship with a man called David. While she didn’t tag him in a recent Instagram photo, she’s not too shy to hold back from posting loved-up pictures of them smiling together.

She previously revealed on Instagram: “I never post pics of the men in my life that I date…” So, the fact that she has posted the image of them shows just how much she cares for him!

The Bravo star shared a post of them on February 5th, suggesting that their relationship is fairly new. However, several reports said she had found a new love in September 2020.



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