Family Karma star Anisha Ramakrishna has kept her husband’s identity under wraps since they began dating. They got married in October 2022, but she still hasn’t revealed who he is… while Avri has confirmed he’s successful.

The Bravo reality TV personality confirmed she wed her now-husband a few weeks ago, during season 3, after the show revealed she had a boyfriend who soon turned into a fiance, she told New York Live on November 3.

Her co-star Avni Parekh responded to a Family Karma fan who said “Anisha’s husband better be mad gorgeous and smart and successful the way she’s hiding him like a secret.” She replied: “He is, they’re a beautiful couple.”

Anisha Ramakrishna’s husband

Anisha tied the knot with a man whose identity she has kept under wraps. She revealed that, before he made her his fiancee, she is dating someone “very private” who she didn’t bring to Vishal’s wedding after he gave her a plus one.

She said on season 3 that she “doesn’t want to start opening up a world with someone new and then it doesn’t work out,” after Vishal questioned her on why she didn’t bring her boyfriend to his ceremony.

Anisha, who got engaged in September, has admitted she’s “very happy” with the man in question. They have been together for two years, with the Family Karma star having fallen in love with him by their fourth date.

Avri confirms he’s ‘gorgeous and successful’

Anisha told Bravo TV that she knew her husband was the one “when we were enjoying the ocean waves in Miami one weekend, and I asked him Dr. Aron’s 36 questions that lead to love.”

Her co-star Avni confirmed that Anisha’s husband is “mad gorgeous and smart and successful” after a fan said he “better” have all of those qualities. She replied: “He is, they’re a beautiful couple.”

Anisha believes her husband fell in love with her after a few months, and admits she chose her engagement ring. They wed in a small, intimate ceremony at her parents’ home in Miami with just their families.

Family Karma star spills on husband

Anisha may have kept schtum about her husband’s identity, but she is still willing to admit she is now a wife. She got married to her mysterious new husband in October, as revealed during a New York Live interview.

When asked whether it’s hard to keep things private while doing a reality show Anisha said:

I like to say our marriage works because he’s never around so he’s very busy and he’s always working so even if he were to be on the show, he wouldn’t actually be there.

A fan commented on the interview by saying they hope Anisha gives more details of her marriage. She responded: “Would leave if it came to it! I had the best life before the show and my life now is still amazing, life goes on!”



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