Are Gabby and Luke from Winter House dating in 2021?
Gabrielle Kniery and Luke Gulbranson | Getty Images

Are Gabby and Luke from Winter House dating in 2021?

Bravo reality series Winter House has brought us tears, tantrums and romance and fans have been left wondering whether Luke Gulbranson and Gabrielle Kniery are currently dating each other.

In an upcoming episode of Winter House, the lodge will be getting very frosty after a fiery confrontation between newbies Julia McGuire and Gabrielle Kniery over Summer House star Luke Gulbranson.

Winter House | New Series Premieres First Look Trailer | Bravo

Winter House | New Series Premieres First Look Trailer | Bravo
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Who is Luke Gulbranson?

37-year-old Luke Gulbranson from Northern Minnesota is an actor who has appeared in The Flight Attendant and By My Hand. He instantly shot to fame after appearing on the hit Bravo series Summer House, but before he ventured into the world of reality TV he worked in New York City as an artist and craftsman.

When he is not charming ladies on Summer House and Winter House, Luke is currently busy earning a living as a model and youth hockey coach. More recently, he has also launched his own rustic renaissance brand R_Co where he sells handmade jewellery and fragrances.

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Who is Gabrielle Kniery?

Born in St. Louis, Gabrielle Kniery is no stranger to reality television, the midwest girl has appeared as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model in 2010. Despite being the first to be eliminated, Kiery continued to pursue her dream of modelling.

In her career, she has worked with Fenton Moon Models and Centro Models which led to her being featured in numerous high-end publications. Kniery has also modelled for Sephora PRO and Adidas Originals.

What happened between Julia and Gabby on Winter House?

In the explosive clip, things get heated between Julia McGuire and Gabrielle Kniery as Julia pulls Gabby to the side during a group outing to the mountains after hearing that her friend is upset with her.

Julia said: “Ciara last night came to me and all of a sudden she was like, ‘Gabby’s pissed at you because you were dancing with Luke…” referencing the night before when Julia was grinding on Luke, whom Gabby has a crush on.

Gabby fires back saying: “It wasn’t just that. You were like, ‘Do you want me to talk to him? Do you want me to talk to him?’ All of a sudden, you’re, like, grinding on him.”

Are Luke and Gabby dating in 2021?

It appears that Luke Gulbranson and Gabrielle Kniery are not currently dating. Gabrielle has been reported to be currently single and The Sun revealed that Luke is “freshly single and ready to mingle.”

From investigating their Instagram accounts, it reaffirms that the pair are both currently not in a relationship with one another. However, Reality Titbit found that the pair follow each other on the platform which suggests that they are still on good terms.



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