The highly anticipated Vanderpump rules reunion has finally been filmed, and Ariana Madix is not holding back as she teases her reunion ‘revenge’ dress amid the biggest scandal to date, involving Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss.

Just days before the reunion, we were graced with the dramatic Vanderpump Rules midseason trailer, which will be viewers’ first taste of ‘Scandoval’ aftermath.

We take a closer look at what has been revealed about the Vanderpump Rules reunion so far, plus behind the scenes content Andy Cohen has given us before the big day.

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Ariana Madix and Andy tease reunion ‘revenge dress’

Taking to his Instagram story, Andy Cohen teased Ariana Madix’s Vanderpump Rules ‘revenge dress’ although unfortunately, fans will have to wait until the reunion airs to actually see what it looks like.

Looking at the camera with Ariana by his side, but not within shot, Andy said: “Ariana, is it safe to say you’re wearing a revenge dress today?”

Ariana responded: “I feel like it certainly looks that way. I feel like his eyes are going to bleed.” Although Madix did not directly address Tom Sandoval by name, it was pretty clear who she was speaking about.

Andy said he even felt a little ‘activated’ himself, which builds the suspense up even more. From her past outfits, we’re sure this one will not disappoint.

Nothing was left unsaid at the Vanderpump reunion

We can always count on host Andy Cohen to spill the tea, and he informed us that ‘nothing was left unsaid.’

Lisa Vanderpump also joked that they’d have to have a sleepover in the studio because there was so much to get through.

Although, it seems like they did get through it as Andy updated viewers after filming ended. Taking to his story after a long day of filming he called it ‘confrontational and emotional.’

Bravo has not yet revealed an official release date

The biggest question on everyone’s mind right now is of course, when the drama will will be shown on our screens. Unfortunately, Bravo hasn’t released an official date for The Vanderpump Rules reunion as of the time of writing.

Filming took place on Thursday 23 March, but the airing is not expected to take place for weeks if not months. Just before the taping of the reunion, Bravo released the dramatic midseason season 10 trailer. Fans will get to see the aftermath of ‘Scandoval’ play out after Ariana told Tom she wanted him to ‘die.’

So until we get an official release date for the reunion, we have all the upcoming season 10 drama to keep us going.

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