Below Deck fans in shock as Heather is accused of using the N word

Below Deck fans in shock as Heather is accused of using the N word

Heather Chase has been the chief stew for the duration of the current Below Deck season. But fan respect for her has lowered since she was thought to say the N word repeatedly, despite her denying the claims.

During an argument between Heather and co-star Rayna Lindsey, viewers were led to think the chief stew may have used the disrespectful word towards the deckhand, on the December 13th episode.

Fans are still questioning exactly which word left Heather’s lips during the feud. We explored their argument and gathered together some reactions from the Bravo audience.

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Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Rayna Lindsey and Heather’s feud explored

Rayna overhears Heather rapping a song which some fans think involved the N-word multiple times.

She is also thought to have used the N-word towards Rayna a couple of times at the bar and crew mess, but later revealed she “didn’t think she said it”. Heather also told her not to take it personally.

Later in the December 13th episode, Rayna shares that Heather rapping the N-word is “cancel culture”. Then, Heather later tells chef and co-star Rachel Hargrove that Rayna made her feel bad.

After denying saying the offensive word, Heather ran off to her cabin, when she denies saying it again. The following day, Rayna says in a confessional that Heather’s behaviour was not okay.

Heather later claimed she apologised to Rayna during the season. Some viewers also claim that Rayna, who said “hashtag white privilege” during the episode, had also said the N-word.

Heather issues a public apology

Since the December 13th episode aired, Heather released a public apology to her Instagram page.

She described her words as “ignorance” and “cannot express enough how truly remorseful” she feels.

Vowing to do better in future, Heather said that she has learned how her words and actions can affect others since they filmed the current Below Deck season (nine months ago).

Rayna shared several Instagram stories replying to fans after the episode. One asked her: “The fact that they are trying to make it seem like it’s not a big deal. Does she apologise?”

Rayna replied: “Just wait and see. Y’all see she don’t care to say nothing when I addressed it. To me that was all I needed.”

Others are praising Heather for admitting her wrongdoing and apologising. A follower commented on her apology post: “Live and learn! Your heartfelt admission speaks to your character. Everyone can be better. Everyone!”

Below Deck viewers react to feud

Following and during the episode, Below Deck viewers have not stopped reacting with shock to the feud.

Looking through social media, it’s clear to see that many feel angry towards Heather’s behavior, while others have other opinions. Here are just some reactions to Rayna and Heather’s feud:

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