Below Deck’s Rachel Hargrove has never been afraid to speak her mind, whether it’s directed at fellow Bravo stars or America’s Next Top Model icon Tyra Banks.

The internet appears to either loves or hates Rachel for her fearless no-filter personality on the show. Besides from being a fabulous chef, you can count on her to bring the heat, and we’re not talking about the kitchen.

From beefing a Bravo celeb to exposing her PR team, even the Tampa native has admitted that her personality is “off the wall”, so Reality Titbit is revisiting all of her online spats so far.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Most Hated Man on the Internet | Official Trailer | Netflix

Rachel Hargrove is no stranger to online feuds

“The most narcissistic t***”

Just because you’re part of the same “family”, doesn’t mean everything is peachy. On July 27, the reality chef had a few words to say about Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll. Tweeting out a Bravo article, Rachel labelled the 35-year-old “the most narcissistic t***” for discussing the success of his beer brand, Trop Hop.

Even fans found the online criticism unexpected, asking: “While I may not disagree, why the need to be so insulting lately?”

“I’m at home… and have time,” she replied.

She didn’t stop there; Rachel called her interaction with him an “unfortunate experience”.

Austen has yet to respond to her comments.

The text expose

Rachel Hargrove talks to the camera in a confessional for Below Deck
Screenshot from ‘Rachel Being Savage for 10 Min…

Following her Austen Kroll mentions, Bravo’s PR Team reportedly reached out to Rachel asking her to remove the tweet. “Tired of the BS”, the chef posted the now-deleted conversation screenshots instead, claiming she’s “done with the bullies in TV.”

The text message wrote: “It’s not in our best interest to have you saying negative things about other shows on the network.”

Rachel subsequently declared she “will no longer be associated with organisations I don’t believe in,” mentioning Below Deck, Bravocon, Watch What Happens Live, and America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) specifically.

Tyra Banks vs Rachel Hargrove

Tyra Banks Hosts Nine West New Campaign Launch Event In Celebration Of International Women's Day
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for ABA

Before Below Deck fame, Rachel made a brief appearance on ANTM during a 2005 audition.

Judge Jay Manuel, who is seated next to Tyra Banks, stated she’d be “representing the plus size” models, to which Rachel was seemingly comfortable with. “I’m down with that,” the future chef replied.

Fast forward 17 years later, Rachel hasn’t let that moment slide. On July 21, she posted a paparazzi photo of the model, writing: “Hey Tyra, remember when you called me a plus size model when I was a size 2?”

The tweet has since been deleted after fans criticised her comments and accused her of trying to body shame Tyra.

“This isn’t appropriate at all,” one user responded.

“This was years ago and tv was after things like that and she was playing to producers. She has apologized. So in 2022 to turn around and body shame another woman in revenge? It’s actually even worse than what she did to you all those years ago.”


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