Did any Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2 star get Covid? Bravo cast goes through health scare!

Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast members went through a Covid-19 scare after one of the guests fell sick. Did anyone get diagnosed with the virus?

The Bravo programme returned for its second series, bringing familiar star Captain Glenn Shephard and a number of new additions to its cast.

The reality show was filmed throughout the summer of 2020, after the Covid-19 pandemic had started.

Crew members went through a major Covid-19 scare in a recent episode but did any of them get the virus?

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew gets a Covid-19 scare

In a recent episode, crew members went through a major Covid-19 scare after one of the guests fell sick.

It was revealed that a guest on the second charter developed a 101 fever, prompting the staff to take immediate measures and ask for medical assistance.

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“Andy is not well,” chief steward Daisy told Captain Glenn. “He has a fever of 101 this morning. He is staying at bed.”

Below Deck stars managed to handle the emergency situation calmly as they asked everyone to self-quarantine while they wait for medical help.

Then they quarantined in a nearby hotel until they receive the test results.

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Did any Below Deck Sailing Yacht star get Covid?

It’s unclear if any cast members got Covid-19 during filming of the second season.

The Bravo show will reveal if the charter guest was diagnosed with the virus in next week’s episode (Monday, March 22nd).

But it’s safe to say that many viewers were left worried that the current season might be cut short following the Covid-19 health scare.

Speaking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Glenn opened up about the troubles the whole crew went through and said:

“We didn’t take any chances because, you know, one person gets sick with it, you know, maybe it’s not life-threatening for young people. It may not be that risky for young people. But as soon as that thing is there, bang that’s it for maybe the whole season. You know, so that’s high stakes in that sense.”

The Bravo star added that Croatia had less coronavirus cases compared to other European countries at the time they were filming the series.

Filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht during the pandemic

Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht was filmed throughout July, August and September 2020, which was after the pandemic had started.

Captain Glenn revealed that the cast followed “very strict protocols” during filming, which is why the show’s stars are not seen wearing masks.

In a recent Instagram live, Bravo star Sydney Zaruba explained that because of the pandemic the whole crew had to live in a “little bubble” in order to protect everyone involved on the show.

“We had very strict restrictions where we could go,” Sydney said. “We were kind of separated the entire time from the general public because we didn’t want to endanger any of us or even on the production side of things.”



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