Below Deck fans call out Natasha and Dave’s 'toxic relationship' over text drama


Below Deck fans call out Natasha and Dave’s 'toxic relationship' over text drama

Drama is sending the Below Deck crew into rocky waters after Natasha was seen calling her ex in tears over regrets of having an affair with chef Dave.

While the two started the season as friends, after sharing a cabin, things got hot under the covers for the pair. Dave told the crew they had been intimate and how he was looking for more than a ‘boatmance’ – but Natasha became angry over how the cat was let out of the bag. She then ghosted the chef which sent him spiralling.

Frustated how Natasha ignored him during the night out for the crew or avoiding his text messages, they ended up wokring together the next day.

Natasha seemed to be going through the emotions at this stage, but not from how it ended with Dave, but how the affair happened when she was with her ex.

Natasha calls her ex-boyfriend as she tears up

Screenshot from Natalya gets frustrated with Natasha’s decision | Season 7 | Below Deck Med. Hayu Official YouTube channel

The Below Deck Mediterranean star was seen calling her ex-boyfriend while Dave was working away in the galley kitchen.

She’s heard saying: “I’m sorry to call you.

“There’s no excuse. I cheated on you with the chef. I’m a liar and a cheat. And I can’t with it.”

After the tearful confession, in a confessional, Natasha says her ex told her to ‘stop beating’ herself up over the situation.

She is then heard on the phone again telling her ex beau she still loves him.

Natasha and Dave’s text drama

Screenshot: Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo YouTube

But the star said the text messages from Dave – which angered the chef when Natasha ignored them – was worse than what fans saw.

She told Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen the texts Dave sent shocked her. She claimed he sent “pretty threatening” texts when he was drunk.

“I’m a very forgiving person,” she said.

“I believe you should never hold a grudge against anyone, you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

But the 32-year-old added, “[The messages] were pretty threatening. None of it was shown really. And I did feel really shocked at the time. But he was just drunk.”

Below Deck’s Dave responds to the text drama with Natasha

Dave spoke to The List about the drama and said it wasn’t played up for the show.

He admitted that he felt the stress and emotions in real life and it has affected him.

Dave added “it definitely made it a lot tougher for me,” and the situation affected his sleep and his work.

He also admitted that there are times when he got “really upset” and he would need a break. Although it was “tough” for him, he isn’t ashamed of that.

The star then said, of the text drama, that it’s important to reach out for help if you need it during times of stress.

He added: “It’s important if you are struggling mentally to talk about it and to let people know about it, even if you’re a strong manly man and whatever. It doesn’t matter who you are [or] where you come from — none of that matters. It’s important: Boys cry too, like I’ve stated many times, so I’m not ashamed of that.”

Fans weigh in on the drama

However, fans have their own say on the drama that unfolded. It seems viewers do not condone Dave’s texts to Natasha, but feel the bond between the two has become too ‘toxic’ and ‘messy’ after the falling out.

One fan pointed out the relationship Natasha is fighting for may not be all as it seems if there has been infidelity.

A second added: “Natasha was right about one thing; people do view her differently after knowing the truth. She did Dave dirty. Even though he went to far with the texts… I feel sorry for him.”



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