Below Deck Med fans guess who brought "drugs" on board after cliffhanger

Below Deck Mediterranean fans were left on a scandalous cliffhanger after last night’s episode (Monday, August 3rd). 

The episode concluded with a preview that one of the Below Deck staff had brought drugs on board. This sent the internet on a wild goose chase trying to figure out who was the one to bring drugs. Captain Sandy Yawn was seen busting the drugs in a shocking preview.

But who was it to bring drugs on board The Wellington? We’ve done some digging online to see what the internet has to say about episode 11’s (Monday, August 10th) drug bust.

Screenshot: Captain Sandy is Over Hannah’s Excuses & Confronts Her | Below Deck Med Highlights (S4 Ep17) – Bravo YouTube

Below Deck teases drugs brought on board

Episode 10 (Monday, August 3rd) concluded with a teaser for the next episode which showed a drug scandal emerging on board.

In the preview, we see Captain Sandy informed of drugs brought on board by Malia.

Captain Sandy said of the drugs bust: “It’s a part of yachting. So I always just say, I don’t make the law.”


She continued:

No crew members can absolutely do drugs at all. If they’re prescription drugs, they have to be logged in. They have be monitored. We’re responsible for lives.

Who brought drugs on Below Deck Med?

This has yet to be confirmed, but there is a leading theory circulating online.

It is thought to be crew member Hannah Ferrier, however she is not thought to have brought illegal drugs on board, but prescription medication.

Hannah has spoken in the past on Below Deck and on social media about struggling with anxiety. The “drugs” brought on The Wellington are thought to be Valium.

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Below Deck Med fans react to drugs bust

Below Deck Med fans are totally on Hannah’s side when it comes to the so-called “drug bust.”

Given that for the past few episodes, Malia has caused trouble – particularly with Chef Kiko – fans were even more outraged that she tried to turn on Hannah too.

One fan tweeted: “She [Hannah] has anxiety so she takes medication, that should never be called drugs, she [Malia] is awful. I lit hate her.”

One Below Deck fan took to Reddit to explain their theory. They said:

My theory as to what happens with the “drugs” next week: Malia takes a picture of what she thinks are drugs in Hannah’s purse. She sends it to Sandy. Sandy calls Hannah in to talk about it. Hannah proves they are not prescription meds and that Malia’s full of shit, but gets so frustrated that she quits. Sandy erupts because she “could have fired Hannah so many times!” Hannah finally gets the chance to tell Sandy to f*** off.

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