Where are the Below Deck Ohana cast now? Logan, Kat, Kelley and Jennice updates

Although new episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean are airing this summer on Bravo, they’re also taking a trip down memory lane.

Old episodes of Below Deck season 2 are currently airing, revisiting the crew on Ohana.

The series originally aired in 2014 before it became the well-known reality series it is today. So, for many fans, this may be the first time watching the Below Deck Ohana season. Prepare for a real rollercoaster of a ride… this is the season where Captain Lee met his most difficult guest to date!

With Below Deck Ohana returning to our screens, we thought it best to find out more about the cast and what they’re up to now. Meet the Below Deck Ohana cast here.

Screenshot: Below Deck: Tour Below Deck’s New Yacht, My Seanna | Bravo YouTube

Below Deck Ohana: Cast

  • Lee Rosbach — Captain
  • Kate Chastain — Chief Stewardess
  • Logan Reese — Deckhand (ep 8–13)
  • Kelley Johnson — Second Engineer
  • Jennice Ontiveros — Deckhand
  • Ben Robinson — Chef
  • Eddie Lucas — Bosun
  • Kat Held — 2nd Stewardess
  • Amy Johnson — 3rd Stewardess
  • Andrew Sturby — Deckhand

Where are the cast now?

To find out more about what the cast are up to, we’ve dug through their social media to see what’s new in 2020.

Captain Lee Rosbach

Lee Rosbach, originally from Saginaw, Michigan, now lives in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Even when Captain Lee is off screen, he’s still taking to the high seas.


Nowadays, these trips out on the water are more for fun. He has recently shared snaps of himself and his grandson, Cody, deep sea fishing.

Kate Chastain

Kate has been one of the Below Deck fan-favourites from her debut in season 2 to season 7. In February 2020, Kate shocked fans with the announcement that she would not be returning to the show.

Now, Kate is enjoying life living in her home state of Florida with her adorable pooch Halo.

Although she recently dated a restauranteur, Kate has no relationship on the horizon at this moment in time.

Logan Reese

Logan Reese was the Deckhand on Ohana in the latter episodes of season 2. This was the only Below Deck season that Logan starred in.

It’s clear from the looks of Logan’s Instagram that he’s still as outdoorsy and adventurous as he was in 2014. Although now he is hardly recognisable with a long beard!

You can follow Logan for updates @leftfin.

Jennice Ontiveros

With just one season of Below Deck under her belt, we’re sure many viewers are curious to know what happened with Jennice Ontiveros.

Now, Jennice has shifted her attention to acting and performing. She has been recently working as a narrator, working on programmes such as National Geographic’s Cosmos and the Possible Worlds audiobook.

Her dream to move to California has also come true, as Jennice is now based in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram @jenniceonearth for more.

Kelley Johnson 

Kelley starred in season 2 and again in season 4, when the crew took on the Valor yacht. The Texan-born Below Deck star was the brother of Amy Johnson, who starred in seasons 2 and 3.

Now, Kelley works as a photographer and videographer, although it’s clear he still has a passion for the ocean.

Follow Kelley on Instagram under the handle @kelleywjohnson for more updates.

Updates on the Below Deck Ohana cast

Kat Held only appeared on seasons 1 and 2 of Below Deck. After filming the second season, and turning 30 years old, Kat quit the yachting industry and moved home to Rhode Island. In 2017 she decided to change careers and announced to her Instagram fans that she was going to nursing school.

Chef Ben Robinson is travelling around the US, catering for exclusive clientele. He now has a girlfriend called Kiara.




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