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Below Deck: Updates on Robbie Lodes and Sara Hall

Below Deck season 9 is well underway, with new guests each episode. Now, viewers can’t help but wonder what season 5 guests Robbie and Sara are up to now.

Below Deck is a reality TV show which follows the lives of several crew members working on a superyacht.

Throughout the seasons, we have seen the crew work on multiple yachts, such as Honor, Ohana, Eros, Valor, and finally My Seanna.

Robbie Lodes and Sara Hall were guests on Valor, but what are the couple up to in 2021?

Reality Titbit has found them on Instagram, to give you all their latest news and whereabouts.

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Who are Robbie Lodes and Sara Hall?

Robbie Lodes and Sara Hall are a couple from Dallas, Texas.

The pair featured on season 5 of Below Deck as guests on Valor, and were on the yacht to celebrate their engagement.

Robbie and Sara don’t have children together, however, from Robbie’s Instagram, it’s clear that he has three children.

He has two daughters, Chloe and Kylie, and a son called Robert.

Robbie Lodes and Sara Hall on Below Deck

Crew members on Below Deck are used to not getting along with all the guests on their yacht… and some make full use of the service!

The happily engaged couple weren’t the most popular and rubbed some of the crew up the wrong way with their particular requests and demands.

On the show, Robbie took the back seat, whilst Sara wasn’t afraid to show off her loud and bubbly personality to viewers.

The pair left the crew an $18,000 tip after their charter.

Where are Robbie Lodes and Sara Hall now?

Although many viewers had their doubts about Robbie and Sara, the couple are still happily married in 2021.

Sara has 1,567 followers on Instagram, and she likes to keep her personal life private, so we couldn’t snoop through her recent pictures.

Whereas, Robbie is quite the opposite…

He has 404 followers on his account and shares photos of everything he gets up to.

Earlier this year, in April, he shared a picture of himself, Sara, and a group of friends at Billy Bob’s, Texas, to see Midland perform.

Robbie certainly lives his life to the fullest, and in March he went to get steak from Internet sensation and chef Salt Bae!



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