Below Deck: Who is David Pascoe? Meet the thrill-seeking Deckhand of season six!

Below Deck: Who is David Pascoe? Meet the thrill-seeking Deckhand of season six!

As Below Deck Mediterranean premieres its sixth season on June 28th, David Pascoe is due to join the crew as the latest Deckhand.

Pascoe’s past experience working on motor yachts prepares him for his reality TV debut as he boards the Lady Michelle.

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Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo

Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo

Who is David Pascoe?

David Pascoe features in the upcoming season of Below Deck Mediterranean, the American reality TV series on Bravo which follows the member’s journeys as part of a yacht crew.

While the ship travels through the Mediterranean, David Pascoe is set to undertake the role of Deckhand.

As a vital member of the yacht crew, Pascoe will be (among other tasks) responsible for looking after the exterior of the boat.

In Bravo’s press release, the member is described as an avid surfer having been born in Italy and raised in Devon, UK.

Reportedly, David combined his studies with his passions by focusing on photography and videography in school.

He then worked as a beach lifeguard followed by a care worker at a brain injury rehabilitation unit before deciding to pursue a career in the yachting industry.

Motor experience prior to Below Deck

Bravo’s press release also mentions David’s experience on multiple motor yachts up to 55 meters and hints at his excitement to bring his work ethic and good attitude onboard mega-yacht Lady Michelle.   

David’s Instagram bio states that he specialises in Powerboat & Yacht Management.

Numerous uploads contain visual evidence of his hands-on work experience.

As a dedicated operative, David shares his difficult encounters with boat management and highlights the resolving of issues.

Instagram can often glamorise labour, but David makes sure that he keeps it real by exposing the messy side of his job.

His enthusiastic nature will hopefully stay consistent throughout his appearance on Below Deck.

More thrill-seeking adventures on Instagram

On Instagram as @davidpascoe91, the upcoming star has a somewhat small feed consisting of only 31 posts despite the content brimming with adventure.

With over 800 followers, Pascoe’s interests outside of work are displayed throughout his account.

In addition to his interest in boats, the motor-lover is also clearly fond of hydrofoiling.

A hydrofoil is a lifting surface that operates in the water, hydrofoil technology is also used in boats and is similar in appearance and purpose to aerofoils used by aeroplanes.

The thrill-seeker documented his many adventures on motor vehicles as he chases down mountain roads in Mallorca.

David’s passion for photography is also presented on Instagram within a story-highlight named ‘Light & Colours’ that consists of several images capturing various surroundings such as skylines and animals.

Although he may appear as a stereotypical hardcore male, Pascoe happens to be an animal lover with a seemingly soft-spot for dogs.

Stay up to date with David Pascoe’s onscreen adventures by observing his recent appearance in Below Deck.

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