Below Deck's Marcos is 43 but has been yachting for 10 years
Screenshot: Gabriela Calls Marcos a "Stupid A******" | Season 6 | Below Deck Sailing Yacht, hayu YouTube

Below Deck's Marcos is 43 but has been yachting for 10 years

Marcos Spaziani‘s age is being questioned by fans as he cooks up dishes on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Those watching have recently branded him as “one of the best chefs” on the Bravo franchise, and here’s why.

Combine yachting with reality TV, along with a five-star service, and you get this popular series. Marcos spends most of his time in the kitchen making all of the meals that charter guests tuck into, but has time to interact with his co-stars.

Daisy Kelliher apologised to Marcos during the June 6th 2022 episode after making a mistake, which led to a multitude of applaud from viewers who expected drama to erupt between the yachties.

So, just how many years has Marcos been a chef and what’s his resume like? We looked into his decade of working on yachts and just what he done for work before entering the industry.

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Screenshot: Gabriela Calls Marcos a “Stupid A******” | Season 6 | Below Deck Sailing Yacht, hayu YouTube

Marcos from Below Deck’s age

Marcos is 43 years old, and was born on January 13th 1979. However, he was 42 when he filmed the recent season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, at the same time Gabriela Barragan called him a “stupid a**hole” who is “in his forties”.

He may be one of the oldest stars on the franchise, but is incredibly active. When he’s not cheffing it up, Marcos enjoys surfing, boxing, and skateboarding, and has a real passion for playing sports.

The Bravo star runs a restaurant with a fellow chef, with an aim “to create amazing food and provide excellent service as well as satisfying our customers with our combined knowledge of 37 years in the hospitality and service industry.”

The chef has worked in yachting for years

Marcos went to culinary school in his home country, a while before joining Below Deck Sailing Yacht. He has over ten years of experience in the industry, which has involved travelling the world and learning from the best global chefs.

The private chef has been self-employed since April 2003 in Miami. Before entering the industry as an individual, Marcos was a head chef at LISA IV, as per his LinkedIn page.

Alongside working on-board for the Bravo show, he is also the owner of brand new restaurant, Marlou, based in Los Angeles. He owns Marlou with chef Louis Huh, which had its grand opening on February 25th.

The two chefs met whilst working at one of the best restaurants in L.A, Taste. The pair worked great together and decided they should begin working for themselves rather than others by beginning their own business.

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Bravo viewers rank him as top chef

During the June 6th 2022 episode, Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers got to see the true talent of Marco Spaziani, with many describing as one of the best chefs across the entire franchise.

A fan wrote: “Truly one of THE BEST CHEFS EVER on this series. What an absolute legend, Chef Marcos.”

Another said: “Marcos is one of the best chefs the #BelowDeck franchise has ever had. Wish he got on with Gabriella.”

The reactions come after the chef received the heartbreaking news that his boyfriend’s mom had died, but continued to work in the kitchen regardless. Many commented on how he deserved to have a moment to rest.

“I know it’s a charter and tips are important, but Gary is 1000% right: the guests can be delayed if Marcos needs a moment”, reacted a viewer following the emotional scene.



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