Gary and Daisy's potential simmering romance is definitely not Below Deck


Gary and Daisy's potential simmering romance is definitely not Below Deck

During the reunion of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, Gary and Daisy were all red-faced when speaking about their current relationship since wrapping up.

On June 27, the Parsifal III crew sat down virtually at the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where they spoke about a few things to expect at the reunion, as well as some of the unresolved lovey-dovey tension between Gary and Daisy. Spoiler: the crew is shipping them.

Despite all the unresolved answers, the yachties have left it up to the fan’s interpretation and we’re still none the wiser. In the meantime, Reality Titbit tells you what has been up to the two since they first locked lips.

Gary and Daisy spark romance rumours, again

The cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht joins host Andy Cohen to talk about the new season as well as a few cliffhangers and the possible romance between Gary and Daisy.

Gary and Daisy sparked rumours the two were possibly more than friends after they made out in the hot tub. They seemed to have been very flirty towards each other since then. Nonetheless, the 32-year-old set the record straight once again and denied the two were dating.

As reported by Bravo, before Gary and Daisy kissed in the hot tub, the two were constantly arguing. Their kiss led to fans being in a complete shock when the pair started being more flirty towards each other.

Over the seasons, viewers have been able to see that Gary is a person who likes to flirt without going beyond a relationship. He’s kissed multiple girls while Daisy has been on board.

However, the reality star did confirm that he had always felt an attraction to Daisy since season two, but the two were nothing more than just “friends”.

The rest of the cast also had their take on sharing their opinions on their close friendship, with all the men believing that Daisy had “a thing for Gary”, whilst all of them agreed Gary has feelings for her.

“We are just good friends who still fight a lot”

Whilst fans have been rooting for the two to get into a relationship, both reality stars have denied “still” not being in a relationship. Nonetheless, they haven’t been shy either to show their love for each other on their social media platforms.

A month before season three of Below Deck Sailing Yacht premiered, the 34-yer-old denied setting the record straight on her relationship with Gary.

Writing to her 204k Instagram followers, she captioned: “So I know the rumour mill went into full meltdown at the weekend but we are still not a couple 😂. We are just good friends who still fight a lot and then makeup 😘.”

In the finale episode of Below Deck, things seemed to be getting intimate between the two after the crew parties and bid farewell to their last charter guest. However, the pair were interrupted by Kelsie, leaving viewers wanting more. In the end, Gary hinted at the possibility of getting into a relationship with her someday, “maybe”.

Speaking to E! News, Daisy confessed that despite being just friends, she admitted to their relationship being “quite flirty”. Still, she said that the two are now very comfortable around each other and it’s nothing more than a platonic relationship.

Fans are shipping ‘Gaisy’ together

Viewers of the series have been loving the entertainment the yachties have been given them throughout the past three seasons. It seems that ‘Gaisy’ has now become the fan-favourite couple.

Even though the two are not together (yet), many fans are still in the hopes that they will confirm their romance. What’s stopping them?

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