How did Malia lose part of her finger on Below Deck Mediterranean?

Below Deck Mediterranean veteran, Malia White has made a comeback for their sixth season.

However, fans of the show have spotted something missing on the show, and it’s not a cast member… It’s actually the tip of Malia White’s finger!

It’s got viewers questioning what happened to the Below Deck star, and if you’re wondering the same then don’t worry, we’re here to answer all your questions!

Who is Malia White?

Malia White is a yachting/diving instructor, who stars on the hit TV series, Below Deck Mediterranean.

She lives an active lifestyle, and is always up for an adventure from growing up with five older brothers!

Malia’s love for boating began with her father, as he worked at a boatyard, which lead to her beginning her career in yachting.

She joined Below Deck in season 2, where she was a regular deckhand, but was later promoted to lead deckhand.

We're Here | Season 2 Official Teaser | HBO

In season 5 she then became the first-ever woman bosun in the history of the show!

Viewers of the show haven’t always been Malia’s biggest fan, she was labelled a snitch back in season 2 for getting her colleague Hannah Ferrier fired after telling Captain Sandy about her having illegal Valium and a vape on board.

How did Malia lose her finger?

Malia has revealed that she lost part of her finger in an accident during her childhood.

Most fans noticed when she uploaded a photo on Instagram, which noticeably had part of her finger missing…

She responded to the claims, saying, “I lost it in an axe-ident! Seriously lol” – suggesting that she lost it in an accident with an axe (ouch!)

She also commented on the photo that she has since got a tattoo of an axe on the finger – which is pretty cool!

Malia White on Instagram!

We’ve had a snoop through Malia’s Instagram and found the photo which got everybody talking about her finger, so you don’t have to!

On her Instagram, Malia is always seen having fun and being adventurous. Here are some of our favourites!



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