What happened to Kiko on Below Deck Med? Fans suspect new chef gets fired

Below Deck always proves to be one of Bravo’s most explosive reality shows, and things have been taken up a notch on the new season. 

Below Deck Med season 5 has seen some of the team’s trickiest guests to date and now the crew are turning on one another.

In episode 9 (Monday, July 27th), Captain Sandy turned on the Wellington’s new resident chef Kiko over a Las Vegas themed meal. But the episode ended on an ambiguous note, with fans wondering if Chef Kiko will be fired.

So, what happened to Kiko on Below Deck Med?

Screenshot: Chef Kiko’s 72-Dish Masterclass | Season 5 | Below Deck Mediterranean – Hayu YouTube

Who is Kiko?

Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran is a chef from Brazil, who was working as the Wellington’s resident chef in Below Deck Med season 5.

Kiko has been travelling the world for over a decade, picking up cooking tips and tricks as he goes. Kiko has worked everywhere from Barcelona to Cape Town to the Amazon River. He is also fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, making him the perfect addition to the mediterranean yacht crew.

In 2016, Kiko published his own cookbook called The Surfer’s Cookbook. It combines his two passions in life, which is pretty evident from the title of the book.

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What happened to Kiko on Below Deck Med?

The ninth episode of season 5 saw Captain Sandy lose it over a plate of nachos. Sounds ridiculous, right? But when the clientele are high-flying millionaires, you have to impress. Kiko served the guests – who had asked for a Las Vegas themed dinner – fried chicken, Domino’s cookies, and nachos.

Fans were disappointed with chief stew Hannah Ferrier, as he trusted her advice on what was fitting for a Vegas meal. Let’s just say Captain Sandy was not happy with the outcome. In the episode, Sandy said to Kiko: “It’s really bad, it’s like, beyond.”

When Sandy and Kiko try to hash it out, Kiko replies: “Captain, I totally respect your opinion if you want to fire me or anything like that, I tried.” Sandy responds: “Let’s just get through this charter.”

Then what follows is Kiko essentially implying he will quit. Kiko said:

Captain, I totally understand. Don’t worry, I leave, I leave.

Does Chef Kiko get fired?

Kiko is featured in the preview for episode 10 (Monday, August 3rd) which suggests he does not leave right away, however things aren’t looking good for him on the yacht.

It is not quite clear as of yet whether Kiko gets fired or whether he leaves of his own accord, but his relationship with Captain Sandy is definitely damaged over the ‘nacho incident’.

Fans are speculating that Kiko will get the boot and Malia’s boyfriend – who is a chef – will replace him on board. One fan tweeted: “So Malia’s bf (who’s a chef) will come at the end of charter and Kiko is leaving at the end of the charter as well….and we’re suppose to believe that’s all a coincidence?”

Another added: “Ok I need spoilers because my emotions can’t handle it. Does Kiko leave/get fired?? I’ll be so sad if he goes.”




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