Season 10 of Below Deck finally graced our screens yesterday, and all eyes are on Katie Glaser, the newest deckhand to feature on the show.

As the crew set sail in St. Lucia with Captain Lee at the helm, viewers also got the see the return of Chef Rachel and fan-favorite Fraser, who will this time be taking on the role of Chief Stew.

Let’s take a look at newcomer Katie Glaser, including her age, career before Below Deck, and social media…

Katie Glaser’s career before Below Deck

Katie first became a stew three years ago after falling in love with the yachting industry when she moved to Fort Lauderdale. Since then, Katie has worked as a deckhand and first mate on a variety of yachts.

Before taking to the seas, Katie’s previous jobs included director of business solutions, and vice president of marketing. She has also worked as a sales representative, and as a bartender at a variety of venues in South Carolina.

According to her Bravo profile, Katie has “always had an affinity for the service industry.”

Since 2019, Katie has been the founder and CEO of Lower Latitudes Yacht Charters.

What is Katie Glaser’s age?

Katie is 31 years-old, according to Screen Rant.

The deckhand graduated from the University of South Carolina-Columbia in 2014 and received a BA in Criminal Justice and Corrections.

Describing herself as an “expert in customer service,” Katie understands the importance of listening to consumers to build a strategy, she explains on her LinkedIn page.

Katie Glaser’s social media

If watching Katie as a deckhand has you wanting to see more about her life, then you can follow her on Instagram.

Katie’s handle is @kmglaser and she currently has just over 4,000 followers, though that is a number likely to increase as more episodes of Below Deck air!

Nearly all Katie’s pictures are of her on the beach or the water. This isn’t surprising, given that she “spends nearly as much time in the water as she does on it.”

A fan of snorkelling, wakeboarding, and swimming, Katie clearly prefers sea to land.

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